The Law on Protection of Personal Data

relatively recently been developed and adopted the Law on the protection of personal data.It is aimed at reducing the activity of hackers who want to take advantage of other people's data for their own needs.First of all I want to clarify that personal information is the one that allows you to designate not only the identity of the person, but also provides additional information about it.

Since most enterprises and organizations in the normal course of business in one way or another use the confidential information, including personal data, the state tries to ensure non-disclosure of trade secrets.For example, managers of firms imposed conditions on which the organization should establish means of protection of information systems in order to protect their employees and customers from interfering in their private lives.Of course, technical progress is being developed with great speed, so security systems have to be updated regularly.Large companies spend a lot of money on their improvement and modern


Government expects that the law on personal data protection will promote international relations.It deals with foreign partners are not possible without the exchange of certain indicators, trade secrets, but the participants of transactions have to be confident in the safety and security of such data.Policy of the Russian Federation, aimed at keeping them in secret, will give other countries confidence in the future.

According to the passage of the bill, all of the processing of personal information can be divided into special and general.For the use of special software may require a resolution of the license.To those include the database containing information on the state of health of citizens.For the unauthorized processing of data in these programs attacker bears responsibility stipulated norms of the legislation.

law on protection of personal data takes into account the interests of citizens and for non-compliance of its regulations can occur even criminal liability.Special Commission periodically check each company's suits.In identifying violations by individual employees shall be punished by the head of the company, and the company will be charged with an administrative fine.Some organizations are forced to remove all deficiencies in the system of three working days.It is understood that significant improvements accomplished in such a short time is almost impossible, therefore, be appropriate to hedge in advance.In addition, the inspection bodies have the right to remove outdated information systems and to temporarily ban the processing of data.The continuous production of such a stop could harm and lead to the loss of most of the profits.

Law on protection of personal data is not so easy to comply with, as it seems.There are many subtleties and complexities to deal with is that some firms can not.In order to fully meet the requirements of technical safety, it is necessary to contact the staff of specialized service providers to install a security system.And this, in turn, requires a lot of additional costs.So we have to choose between the reliable protection of the economy and substantial profits.

In view of the above can be summarized that in the modern world is provided by the protection of personal data.The law, which is regularly edited by considering the emergence of technological innovations, allowing customers to organizations and businesses feel safe, as provided by that or other bodies of information is in safe hands.Of course, compliance with all provisions of the law greatly increases the reputation of the firm and, consequently, gives rise to attract more customers.

In addition, the Law on Protection of Personal Data takes care of the firms using the services of experts for the implementation and installation of security systems and special software.This is reflected in the indication of sanctions for improper fulfillment of the obligations of data experts.