Payments to war veterans

benefit payments to veterans of the fighting fixed in legislation in Russia, which is called "On Veterans".Later he reworked several times, and now there is a new project requiring approval.Based on the first paragraph of the third article, refers to the category of veterans soldiers involved in combat missions and armed conflict.In August 1999 here rank and counter-terrorist operations.The law provides to participants of the event, including ordinary soldiers, legal and social guarantees of protection.His goal - to create these people with decent living conditions, to ensure the well-deserved respect in society.Although the current law, many people do not know about it.Quite often on television, in newspapers, on the radio to hear the question of whether any payments to veterans of fighting put, and how they can be achieved.After all, there are times that those who put on the right benefits, do not use them because nothing about them do not know.

If you give a general answer, all the benefits of war

veterans are to cash payments every month, and the presence of a set of standard social services, which includes a state-paid travel to the place of treatment, provision of medicines and vouchers for the treatment, rehabilitation or simply relaxing.

In addition, the Federal Law of the Russian Federation provides the following benefits and payments to veterans of combat operations, operating throughout the country:

- payment of utility bills and the rent is taken at a rate of 50% from the current, and it applies to all members of the family of veteran,living together;

- guaranteed service in various medical institutions and, in addition, receiving an extraordinary medical care that is provided to the programs of state guarantees in health care;

- preferential pensions to veterans of the fighting fixed by law;

- the provision of housing and improvement of living conditions of those who managed to get on the housing register before January 2005, due to the state;

- setting the phone in the apartment in the first place;

- in the manner that is set by the government, veterans are provided with prostheses (other than dental) and orthopedic products;

- laid holidays every year is not used according to schedule and at a convenient time;available on request unpaid leave for up to 35 days per year;

- tickets for all modes of transport are provided on a priority basis;

- a refresher course, training in the workplace is carried out by the employer;

- competition admission to most universities and secondary public educational institutions, payment of scholarships.

Today, despite all of the benefits and payments to veterans of combat operations, the State Duma deputies introduced the new draft law, which considers the issue of the status of these people.There is a supplement to the existing wording and made new proposals.The draft says that the state will continue to develop programs for the social protection of participants of military operations - it will be allocated the necessary funds.

new federal law applies to all combatants, residing in the territory of Russia.They have the right to social protection and economic prosperity.All of this gives the right to provide pension benefits for payment of taxes and benefits.Pension Seniority warring contract, as well as employees of the Interior Ministry and penal system is calculated on the basis of one month and a half.Those who are constantly in a state of emergency, a month is counted as three.