The right to wear military uniforms

military form is a type of clothing worn by citizens who are in military service.Her appearance and wearing rules established in accordance with the law and subject to special orders, regulations and decrees, and other regulations.Therefore, the rules of wearing military uniforms differ greatly, such as those that regulate the wearing different uniforms.Military uniforms required to carry members of the armed forces and their militias.Some of the other citizens of our country also have the right to wear a military uniform, but it is subject to certain provisions, such as the statutes or regulations.

Military clothing throughout the existence of the armed forces is constantly changing, but the rules of wearing military uniforms at any time is strictly determined by the laws.In any era, they remain virtually unchanged and is always clearly stated in the charter of military service.The right to wear military uniforms set several of its species that are widespread in our army.Ceremonial wear military version of the form in a strictly certain days - it is designed for special occasions.Special events are considered parades, solemn wreath-laying ceremony to commemorate various events, presenting state awards and state awards, awarding the title of higher degree officer.

Employees Navy clothed in dress uniform when running ships in the water at the time of raising the flag mounted on the boat, as well as other events that have a certain ceremonial significance.The reason for putting on dress uniforms may also be receiving awards from the Government of the country for certain achievements in the service, or other industries.

Casual dress is for the time of military service.These rules are wearing military uniforms apply to military land and sea forces.In everyday form employees fulfill their direct duties - are working at headquarters, participate in training activities, are on duty at his post.Wearing military uniforms can also occur in other situations - for example, while traveling to and from work, meals in catering establishments, etc.

Field form of military clothing worn in accordance with specific instructions of the commander of a military unit or the person who replaces him.It is used during activities such as exercises, border guards or the performance of duty as a daily duty.The right to wear a military uniform in this case does not differ from the rules relating to other types of clothing, though some nuances do exist.For example, if the daily dress code can not be used in a dirty state, the field form can be worn in any state.After all, the exercises can be not only dirty, but also break.

special shape of military clothing intended for strictly defined moments of military service.It contains specific exercises, tasks, passing the training in specialized training centers and the time spent in military equipment.A special form is used when carrying out repairs military-related equipment, work-in garages, on ships, in special warehouses.It should be noted that wearing the form at other times is strictly forbidden law.All of the categories presented in the form of military troops advanced in two versions - winter and summer.Design uniforms frequently changing, the corresponding amendments shall be made promptly and in legislation.