Who called gnaw granite science?

symbol of death among flowering life.To understand the world and science among youth generally.She is cheerful and carefree everywhere.All the centuries-old student folklore suggests.Students live in the future, because they are young and beautiful.Wine and women - the main themes of their songs, and only somewhere on the periphery of their creativity flash ironic rants on arduous work to assimilate the knowledge accumulated by humanity.So where does the granite - a symbol of stagnation and death, appeared in their blossoming environment?Who called gnaw granite science?

true friend - a symbol of the painted work of students in the ironic tone of reckless, but, nevertheless, he is dead and grounds that longs to enjoy the joy and happiness to the entire world.

Socrates and Greek Academy

is believed that the systematic training of young people entered in the ancient Greek culture shotgun sage Socrates.Philosopher from the barrel said about it in the sense that the free spirit of Socrates makes cells in the green gardens of the Academy for young minds.If he had, to put it in a modern way, was the authority of the smaller, then he would have had the right to teach.And so the youth will look into his mouth.And the young shoots of flexible turned to stone by an old man's eyes Socrates.

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who calls gnaw granite science, Socrates?

No, this will not happen - objection Socrates - because my students are not vessels, but the torches.I have not fill, and Kindle.

And indeed, from the Academy of Socratic philosophy grew lush gardens all over the ancient world.Nowhere is no stagnation.The Stoics, the Sophists, Epicureans, materialists, idealists ... For all further 2.5 thousand years has not arisen in the philosophy of many currents, both from Socrates Academy.So that none of the ancient Greek philosophers could not urge to gnaw granite science.

It seems that up to the XVIII century, namely, before the birth of Goethe's world philosophy only picked up scraps of wisdom after the feast of philosophers of the ancient world.Great, Aristotle, selected randomly poking a finger of St. Constantine among the host of the great philosophers, has been appointed to be the pillar and cornerstone of the church the wisdom of the world that do not have a religion.Unhappy Aristotle.He would have such a role never agreed.His philosophy of life trembles.His philosophy - these are the principles, but not immutable canons.


At the other end of the world mid-level official control large by the standards of the ancient powers interprets life and wisdom.And strangely simple and obvious truth, systematized sage become powerful philosophy that accommodates, if not all, then a lot.Maybe it's the ancient Chinese called gnaw granite science, the importance of investing in their own words is that we now do not quite understand?No, all that is written in it a long time ago, it is clear today with the utmost clarity.Not for nothing did many of his sayings became proverbs.

But Confucius argued that man can not give eternal laws because it has to fulfill the eternal canons.Only departing from the stake, he makes laws, to master new and let him eternal canons.Then human laws die.

This idea resonates with the thought of Goethe: "Dead theory, my friend, are dead, and the tree of life is eternally alive" stone so can not grow through the boulders centuries.Since only living sprout.

dogmatism.Theology and scholasticism

What Constantine gathered about five hundred holy shepherds (pastors) Christian herds (congregations) in the city of Nicea in the year 325?And in order to remove all the contradictions of the teachings about Christ and God, because going to make Christianity the state religion.He needed the cornerstone for the construction of a mighty empire and it created.And flew to fires more than 30 gospels, dozens of revelations from the teachings of the Gnostics of knowledge of the world were crumbs.Even John, the beloved disciple of Christ, the priest in the Bible only in the year 415.His revelation and that later.From the testimony of Peter left two worthless head.

Tertullian said that construction began on the doctrine of the eternal rock of truth.God's laws are strict and violent colors inappropriate.And after a couple of centuries, including for those words, was counted among the fathers of the church.Gnaw granite science - phraseologism such it does not begotten, because all of science is considered unnecessary.And another idiom of another Father of the Church - I believe because it is absurd, and completely snatched from use of cognitive youth the concept of "science."Scholastica was the space, and the theology of granite walls of the building, which introduces students to the Middle Ages.

There would have to look for someone who has called gnaw granite science first, if the word "science" is not perceived as a revolt against the building of the faith.When people in our time reading ancient works of scholasticism and theology, it does not leave puzzled, for two reasons:

  1. Why do people have written many words when a much shorter and clearly written in the same Bible?
  2. why their works are gloomy, why they do not and poppy seed of life, when the Gospels themselves is rampant life.

These worthless tracts similar to modern compilation of many people from the philosophy from the ranks.Scripture is clear to the ancient Greek philosophers and interesting today.Perhaps, while there was a bias that must be clever unclear, but in reality is just the opposite - of course only it is smart.


revival of the Middle Ages ended.Science has ceased to be battered girl and turned into a princess, which is destined to become queen at the time.However, for the sake of the many stepped into the fire.Along with the science and art in human society and life has returned.Galileo offers his disciples not to bite into the stone of science, and carries it along with them at the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, to hold the first physical experiment.He thus laid the living, not the dead, for the foundations of the science of Newton, Lomonosov and Maxwell.Artists laid the foundations of optics, not even knowing about her future birth.And they were surprised that for 1500 years before they have since painted already so worked.

who calls gnaw granite science?

For the answer to this question does not need to go far.Those who began to sculpt a new stone system of dogmas - Marxists.But science in the phrase plaiting only because it has become the queen.Proceedings of the founders of the new scholasticism impossible to read because it is not clear anything.Of these same philosophers as the ballerina with old women.Specifically, that you need something to chew on, said Trotsky, and thus gave what is their lenisko Marxist-Stalinist-Trotsky theory ... th.Indigestible stone that need to gnaw young.And then, whether this benefit of life on Earth - they were not interested.A stone has been an emblem of death and stagnation, so this symbol remained.


Belgorod No one has granite monument to science.However, not so important who it called gnaw granite science.Main says is vital and it is clear that with the terrible past of mankind is forgiven fun.It is this joy and express ironic numerous monuments of the dead stagnation.They its strict contours and art reminiscent of the same well-known throughout the world and it is exalted creation Malevich - "Black Square".