Cossack military-political entity - that is to flog

the direct question - what is the whip, there is a direct response - a verb meaning action by force: cut blow, swung, slashing.Hence derivative - clearing, road cut through with an ax - which in ancient sounded like "Sich".

emergence of one of the names of the Cossack settlements

It is obvious that the word "flog" means work performed surgical precision - cut, stop.That is, do everything possible accurately and quickly.Probably, this feature has given a new dimension to the word - to detect in the modern sense did not mean to make a notch.It means - someone zapelengovat, notice.

derived words from this verb is the noun "whip", indicating the Cossack camp.Cossacks settled in the islands of the Dnieper flow formed after the thresholds were mostly people escaped.Their homes, smoking makes as much unassailable.Provides protection with pointed palisades (flogged) end with one hand.Obviously, the idea to use the word "whip" for the name of the Cossack settlements was born then, but at that time were used along with him and other designations parking - Gorodets, Palanca and Kosh.The first word is translated from the Turkish language as a fort or redoubt, the second refers to the settlement of Cossacks, consisting of 38 smoking and led by chieftain-kosh.Palanka later somehow not caught on, perhaps because the name is still the Turkish that the Cossacks did not like.Kosh meant a small settlement.

Administrative structure settlement

strengthened Cossack capital, the center, which attracts all ataman - that is flogged.As time went on, and strong points turned into a fortress in the database to reflect the Tatar invasions, military and administrative units, built according to the rules of fortification art.The center has space for gatherings Cossack, then smoking (an administrative unit of several families with their chieftain), warehouses and arsenals, bakeries and grocery shops, gun shops and definitely the church.All portages ramparts and a moat and a high earthen wall.The first mention of the fact that such a whip, referred to in 1530.

Location Zaporizhzhya Sich

The lands between the Dnieper and Southern Bug, near the current Dnepropetrovsk, to build the first settlement of Cossacks.The formation of the first major settlement associated with the name of Dmitry Vishnevetzkogo, built for the attack on the Crimean Khanate fortified.On the island of Khortytsya Malaya it was built the first wooden castle-land, which, together with the adjacent territory became known as Khortytsia Sich, which became the center of the Cossack state.The capital was transferred several times, and we know some of her names were changed, and the territory it occupies.By the time the last of the earth Sich Cossack troops were approaching in size to the then England, situated on the islands.This was a powerful socio-political entity called the Zaporizhzhya Sich, manners and customs which fully comply with the military-administrative, national unit of the Cossack state.Power was elective.

Romance Zaporizhzhya Sich

whip itself, its manners and customs were described in detail in the story Gogol "Taras Bulba".With the territorial structure of his sons Andrei and Ostap acquainted with the first minutes of arrival.Laws and customs here were few, but they were tough.Probably the only way is education and could survive in conditions of constant military confrontation.The most severe was the law applicable to the killers.He put in dug the grave and lowered it to the coffin of a victim, then both were buried.With thieves also not particularly ceremony.They were chained to a pole near the baton left for anyone wanting to hit.Very often they are beaten to death.Chained debtors are not fed, not fed until redemption.It was believed that since forged a real Cossack character.Military prowess, the high concept of friendship and service to the Fatherland, readiness to sacrifice their lives for the faith left in the centuries the fame of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks.Military brotherhood and mutual assistance valued above all else.Their cheerful disposition is reflected in the picture Repin "The Cossacks."The question - what the whip can be answered and that it was a school of courage for young Cossacks.