As there are urinary tract infection in a child

urinary tract infection in a child is a very common cause of hospitalization in the championship this dubious second only to SARS.

What exactly is the cause of infections?How are they diagnosed in the newborn?Can I prevent them?It will be dedicated to today's article.

What is the urinary system

Before we talk about diseases, let's remember what kind of authorities are urinary system.

  • begin with kidney - paired organ responsible for filtering urine.
  • from him depart ureters - tubes, which are moved filtered urine in the bladder (the organ for the accumulation of the fluid).
  • urethra - tube through which urine comes out.

Normally, these structures can not be a breeding ground for microorganisms, because they are sterile.But in contact with bacteria from the outside to the weakening of immunity in humans can develop the disease - an infection of the urinary tract.

The child, as an adult, such pathologies include cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis and others. But in children with the risk that the inflammation goes into a chronic form, is much higher.This is even more dangerous because of the frequent absence of overt clinical manifestations of the disease.

Urinary tract infection: its causes in the child

The main reason a large number of these diseases are distinguished features of the structure and functioning of the genitourinary system in children.

For example, in children up to three years due to immaturity of the renal tissue and weak compared with adults immunity, almost never isolated manifestations of the same infectious urethritis or cystitis.Urinary tract infections in the child apply to the entire system, and affecting the renal pelvis and urethra, and bladder.

very same pathology is most often caused by Escherichia coli, which, being in the natural flora of the colon, becomes a source of inflammation, getting into the kidneys, but can be excited and staphylococcus, streptococcus or other types of bacteria.

considerable danger are worm infestation and reducing the immune background of the child, frequent constipation, dysbiosis, and the presence of chronic inflammation in the skin or other foci of infection.

Urinary tract infection in infants: how it manifests

As you know, in order to prevent UTI, it is important first and foremost to comply with the rules of hygiene.So, the baby girls a subject close to the anus a urinary channel easily infected, so the right (without soap) and regular cleaning the plays an important role in maintaining the health of a future woman.

But if infection does occur, then this may indicate the following features:

  • child cries when you try to pee;
  • baby urine smells bad;
  • appear in it streaks of blood or it becomes turbid;
  • baby loses his appetite;
  • fever;
  • vomiting occurs.

Each of these symptoms requires treatment to the pediatrician, and a thorough examination of the newborn.Nedolechennaya urinary tract infection in a child often leads to serious kidney disease and other bodies at an older age.