Subscriptions What Is In Touch?

Currently social network "VKontakte" one of the most competitive and rapidly developing projects in the Russian Internet.To achieve such high levels of "contact" managed by a nice interface and a variety of constantly updated and improved additional features.All these features make the social network "VKontakte" of the friendly communication between all kinds of people.

More recently, a new feature, "subscription", which replaced a similar function "and idol worshipers."So what subscription in contact and what concrete benefits it provides to the previous function?

old, well-known to many the possibility of "fans and idols," allows you to add a user or to their idols, which, in turn, made it possible to watch for updates on his page.However, the "idol" could become only the user rating of more than 200 points.The "subscription" allows you to constantly monitor the user's page, regardless of its rating.The ability to stay abreast of innovations on the page is the one person who gave the consent - th

at is in contact subscription.

inexperienced users may seem strange such a function.To understand what a subscription to the contact, imagine that there is a person with whom it is necessary not just to communicate, but also to be aware of its work (boss, teacher, pop star, girl, to which you are passionate, butdo not hesitate to confess, etc.).Just add "friends" that person may not be possible for some reason.In this case, you can simply go to the menu on his page and click on the function "sign up for updates."After that, if a page is not set by the high level of privacy, you can see all the news and updates.If such a level of privacy is still installed, you are also free to sign up, however, will not be able to watch the user page.You can also subscribe to the official pages of the social network "in contact" and a variety of projects, studios, you know.that provides subscription in contact.

When you sign up and you can actually see what the subscription in contact under the window "friends" on your page, a new window titled "VKontakte subscribers."And you yourself will be added to the "subscribers" under the avatar of the person to whom you subscribe to an upgrade.To unsubscribe from a user's page, click on the box "unsubscribe from updates."

Thus, the function of "subscription" is very convenient, in some cases, the service element "contact".Understanding why you need a subscription to the contact, and how to use this new feature, you can use it to achieve your goals and, just for the convenience of communication.For example, you can start to chat with well-known figures of art, science or politics follow the page of any important person for you, to improve relations with the boss at work, or a teacher in high school.Even more convenience for the free communication between all kinds of people - that's what the subscription in contact.As you can see, the question of what a subscription to the contact, you can answer - is an ideal opportunity to keep abreast of what is happening on the pages of users.This kind of news flow that will let you know about upcoming changes.You can also say that this is your "secretary", which introduces you into the swing of things.In addition, the subscription contact - it is also popular, which sometimes we can not miss.In short, the subscription in touch can help improve your page and enjoy the flow of new information.Hopefully, now you know what podpisiki in contact with and what they give.