Hotel in Yeisk.

At the moment, it becomes more urgent than ever rest on the famous Sea of ​​Azov.And although in recent years, local resorts are much lost cities and towns of the Black Sea, now the gap is shrinking.

One such resort is the Yeisk.Quiet rest here complement the beauty and diversity of nature estuary separated from the beach resorts.Also, to improve the well-being has a vast landscaped area on which there are holiday homes.

southern sun and warm Sea of ​​Azov, rich steppe and sea air, the resort provided excellent conditions for the creation of all kinds of tourist facilities in Yeysk on the Sea of ​​Azov.

hotel "Voskhod»

People who are tired of a contaminated constant bustle of the city and good to go to the wonderful city of Yeisk, which is located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov.Private hotel in Yeisk "Voskhod" is perfect for a relaxing pastime each.

here for recreation were the necessary conditions: a cozy cafe with excellent cuisine, comfortable rooms, and there is a special children's playground with swings and sandbox.

Cost: from 1800 rub. / Day.

Hotel "Rest»

Hotel "Rest" in Yeisk located on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov.On the territory of the complex there is a cafe where delicious cooking, and guests are provided with food for today's popular "buffet."Every visitor will appreciate the fact that the room rate includes a swimming pool with Turkish bath and Finnish sauna.

This hotel in Yeisk has comfortable and very quiet rooms.Each of them has the necessary equipment.Guests are also provided hardware cosmetology, with which no surgery is possible something to improve their appearance.The staff of the hotel complex will help you to stay with all the issues that arise when living.

Cost: from 1700 rub. / Day.

Hotel "Maritime»

Considering the hotel with a swimming pool in Yeisk, highlight the "Maritime".The institution has a name that speaks as from the windows of its rooms have spectacular sea views.Near the hotel is located seaside boulevard with a large number of restaurants and cafes, the Dolphinarium, water park, children's playground and an oceanarium.

«Maritime» accommodation offers 13 rooms.They offer everything for a pleasant, relaxing holiday.All rooms have plasma TV, air-conditioner and refrigerator.It offers guests a given table tennis, playground, car park and an outdoor cafe.

Cost: from 1500 rub. / Day.

Hotel "Harbour»

«Gavan" is also on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov.There are three floors, which are located 21 rooms.All are equipped with what is needed for a full summer vacation.

far from this mini-hotel located in Yeisk rides, a water park, shopping pavilions.The institution at the request of guests organize trips to the surf, hunting and fishing, recreation for children.

Cost: from 1600 rub. / Day.

Hotel «Elena»

In this mini-hotels in Yeisk a very interesting location - it is located near the descent to the beach.Nearby you can see the water park, dolphin and other entertainment venues of the city.The complex of rooms located on 2 floors of the building.

This hotel has eighteen rooms that are equipped with comfortable furniture and elegant custom design.

Cost: from 1500 rub. / Day.

Hotel "Roadside»

Hotel in Yeisk "Roadside" is a convenient place to stay, located a little further the center of Yeisk, while in close proximity to it.There is a car wash, stores, tire, car park, coffee shop, offering a huge range of dishes for every taste.The rooms - in different categories, with all amenities, refrigerator, TV, comfortable beds.

Here you will find tourists to rent offer hair dryers, fishing and BBQ.The hotel is located on the second floor of a two-storey building, with the ground floor there is a cafe.

Cost: from 1000 rub. / Day.

Hotel "Khan Beach»

This hotel is located on the Yeysk spit that separates Beysugsky Estuary and Lake Khanskoye.Khan Beach lake - a great place for fishing, hunting and recreation, for the recovery of body and mind.

Hotel in Yeisk "Khan Beach" offers travelers a harmony with nature and the comfort of home.The hotel guests are comfortable rooms of different categories.Each of them has all the necessary furniture, which is needed for a comfortable stay.On the territory there are places a sun terrace, a restaurant.Friendly staff will make your holiday unforgettable.

Cost: from 1300 rub. / Day.

Hotel «Verona»

Hotel "Verona" is located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov.It is a cozy place for temporary residence there, as well as for a pleasant stay with friends.In this hotel complex in the city including the famous wonderful karaoke club.

Hotel "Verona" is one of the most comfortable around Yeisk.The comfortable rooms of different categories at affordable prices, incredibly friendly and caring staff, the European level of service, convenient location and a homely atmosphere - a business card of the hotel.Once having been in "Verona", you will want to come back to repeat this unforgettable vacation.

Cost: from 2100 rub. / Day.