How to forget the girl.

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subject is difficult, but always up to date.How to forget the girl who dumped, or simply not paying attention to you?To say that it's easy to do, can not, as in this case, and the problem would not be, is not it?We are all living people with certain views on what should be the relationship that is love.

In fact, for some of us the question - how quickly forget the girl is not complicated at all, while for others - everything is different.Some guys think that without the object of their adoration is literally stops life and the world stops.Of course, an important factor in this regard is how serious relationship with a girl and whether they were at all.

So, how to forget a girl?Typically, the first recommendation from relatives and friends is the following: you have to trust the time that all the treats!Such a process, of course, can hardly be counted among the fastest, but it certainly works.At least, even if full recovery will not happen, it feels just dulled.

Another recommendation is to forget the girl - it is to have a new relationship that may not be as severe as the previous ones.At least this way you can escape.That is just a start to start dating other girls, communicate with them, have sex in the end.The "one and only" can be gradually forced out of ideas.

it possible to displace the previous love and not gradually but radically.Some guys even advise to concentrate on the merits of the new hobby.At the same time, a girl, you want to forget, for sure there are deficiencies that need to "ratchet up" to epic proportions.By the way, be prepared for the fact that once you start to forget my girl, she will begin to show you attention.Such a phenomenon occurs.

The following are some tips to remember Woman, derive from the previous one.First you have already received the recommendation - to dislodge from the thoughts and hearts of the old favorite.This may not be superfluous to conduct a specific analysis of the situation.For example, take for granted the fact that everything that happens - for the better.

girl you decided to forget, perhaps even unworthy of you, especially if you threw it for the sake of someone else.You do not gloves to change you, and do not rag on the feet that can be wiped.In general, you do not take a pride as most of the other guys.Also, now you are a free man, in front of which opens up new horizons, new prospects for a romantic relationship.You can now control their own destiny in its sole discretion.It's just great!

above was recommended to start a new relationship with another girl, and maybe not one.Or perhaps you will smile a new love?Here in general can not comment because the issue is solved automatically.

Very nice if you can find solace in the friendship, some occupation, hobby, hobbies, travel.By the way, in such a situation, one guy went to the camp and in just a few days met there with another girl.At first it was an interesting introduction, which grew into a friendship, and later - in love.Bright emotions and impressions to help oust the life of ex-girlfriend.

If you have every day to see his former love, you can play this game: pointedly ignore her.Sometimes it is very good.In such cases, many children go to drastic measures by burning all the bridges.That is all that is reminiscent of the former passion, the relationship is destroyed.For example, thrown all sorts of hairpins, handkerchiefs, and the photos need to break and throw away too.Sometimes it is these measures bring real relief.

Do not forget that you are a man who in this life deserves the best.If the girl you threw, it means that she is the "best" is not included, and the fate of so remove it from your life.