Business communication

Networking - kind of social interaction, which is a complex and multifaceted process of development in the field of official contacts between people.

Business negotiations play an important role in the political, commercial and entrepreneurial activities.When communicating with business partners, understanding their psychology and the interests of the organization he represents, it could be the determining factor in the negotiations.

It should be understood that wants your business partner, and then taking into account its interests make him wish that must be for you.The ability to listen carefully to the interlocutor, to encourage him, to help self-affirmation is of great importance.On this depends the effectiveness of the conversation and the degree of understanding achieved.

most important components of professional culture is:

1) the ability to successfully and efficiently conduct business negotiations;

2) the ability to work with documents;

3) the ability to competently make the text of the document.

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Networking means that people in the course of communication exchange information for the implementation of joint activities.Business communication consists of several stages:

1. Introduction, installation of contact;

2. The analysis of what is happening;

3. Discussion of current problems;

4. Win-win solution;

5. Completion of contact.

in business relationships people hold a certain style

a) subordinate (supervisor-subordinate);

b) service-friendly - between colleagues;

c) friendly.

Types of business communication:

1) persuasive - is aimed at the approval of the partner's own position and reorientation of goals;

2) cognitive - is aimed at the development of new information and its application in practical life activity;

3) suggestive - you need to influence in order to change the motivations, values, behavior, and even the relationship;

4) expressive - aims to influence the attitude of the partner in order to change, provoking a kind of feeling that you must call in order to be able to better achieve this goal.

of official business communication is a mix of both business and interpersonal interactions.The participants of the dialogue guided by conflicting interests.In the course of this communication is subject to certain collision, and often open conflict.To avoid such moments, and requires knowledge of various forms of communications and technology impact on people.This is especially important for executives, professionals, managers, as attached to the nature of civilized market relations, allowing you to achieve the expected results of the negotiations and other kinds of business communications.

Business communication in the organization manifested not only in internal relations, but also in the outer.Formally, it is a system of subordination, given the direction of the company, on the basis of general business needs.Chatting in this sense, are given such as the severity of the mandatory characteristics and differentiation of workers.For small groups of workers of the same level permitted is more personalized interpersonal interaction, that is, the relationship between them can be companionship or friendship.Although it is possible in these small groups of tension and conflict.To detect these abnormalities in communicating the company's employees used special techniques.

main forms of business communication - a business conversation, presentations, meetings and negotiations.

Business conversation needed to influence the interlocutor for changing business conditions in order to create new business relationships.

presentation is a public presentation recently appeared product.Such communication intended to create the necessary views on the form, etc.

business meetings - a form of management activities, allowing to organize the exchange of information and opinions between employees.

talks accompany almost any activity.Their aim is to reach an agreement regarding participation in certain activities of the business side of mutual benefit.