The role of the father in the upbringing of the child first year of life

birth of a child - is a great and joyful event in the life of the family.After last weeks of pregnancy to their poor health and fatigue, the child, who had been waiting and pre-loved, finally appears next to the parents.The modern man does not deny itself the pleasure to be a real father to the baby from the very first days of his life.

If a few years ago kind of a father who is not afraid to take the hand of a newborn baby, brought others into a state of mild shock, but now it has become commonplace, and the confusion caused fathers who give to his wife deal with a child, claiming to changeDiaper unworthy of a real man.

When this is the first contact of the child and the Pope, and the Pope why it is sometimes difficult to establish this contact?

fact that the contact of the child with the parents set in the first hours after birth.So much easier to find a common language with newborn those dads who actively participated in the delivery.

If it is, for whatever reasons, it was not possible, the relationship with the baby should be installed as soon as possible.Contrary to popular opinion long ago, a child in the first year of life requires that a number was not only a mother, but also dad.Even at this age, it is important for the baby to feel that he is not the one with the mother, and is "independent unit" - and this is very important to have close contact with him was different, not like a mother people.

In addition, psychologists say that at this age lays the ability to share the love between two people that the baby will need in the future, when he will have his child and he will be able to love him and your husband or wife.

However, such a metaphysics is not so important when the child's age goes to weeks or even days.Just important to remember that the father's role is not limited to making money for the family, the relationship with the baby needs to be built once, but not when the crumb will be able to remember the rules of the game of football.

good father can do anything, what can a mother, except maybe breastfeeding.The child acquires valuable experience, calming down on the male and female hands, feeling the warmth and love from both the mother and from the father.

In addition, the Pope has a lot of what can not afford a woman after childbirth.For example, to play with the baby for a long time to wear it on his hands, bathe his mother might be physically hard, and in this case the father's help is simply irreplaceable.

child sees and feels the warmth and milk it receives from the mother, and the game - from the pope, it helps him to quickly and clearly understand that the world is not limited to his mother, making it more independent, inquisitive and active.

In addition, in the first year of life the baby understands or rather feels love for him different people express in different ways, and it is normal and right.Finally, everyone understands that the more sincerely loving the child and actively taking care of people it surrounds the baby, the better for him.

During the period of breastfeeding the baby is changing beyond recognition.And the older he gets, the more his tiny life needs the participation of the father.But the participation of the father in a child's life need not only to the baby and mother, but the father himself.

It often happens that after the birth of the heir to the pope feels abandoned and more than a family, while the mother all the time and all the forces gives crumbs.In this case, possible outbreaks of discontent towards his wife, and even aggressive mood towards the child.

A man, just like his wife, is a real can develop postpartum depression, which is the salvation of the young father will be looking for when leaving the house and increasingly moving away from the family.And this is fraught with and damaged relations between spouses, and the subsequent guilt, arranged on the shoulders of the child.It is clear that such a scenario all the actors leave the loser.

If the family - husband and wife - from the outset perceived the child and care for them as their common family favorite thing, everything is completely different.

Just do not wait until the father's feelings come - they themselves can not come, or come when the gap between you and the wife with the child would be insurmountable.

paternal instinct, as opposed to the parent, must be developed in the practical care of her baby.Then pretty soon your baby will already so close to you that you seem simply ridiculous and meaningless words you know that taking care of a small child - not a man's job.

important to remember that a good agreement between the parents plays a more important role for the development of the child, than how are his days and nights.

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