Plots a good trade to make the business successful

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It's human nature - one of the people does not give absolutely no value signs and ceremonies, while successfully engaged in the business, others - do not start any new activities for themselves without first conducting rituals.Who is right - not for us to judge, especially since there are many anticipating a particular event ceremonies.However, it should be remembered that the effect of any of the conspiracy based primarily on the goodwill of the people.

plots are performed on a good trade exclusively on the growing moon.This action is purely personal, and no one ever should devote the details of and generally it is not a topic of conversation, as they say - and spent forgotten.In addition, since much took up the case - treated him with due responsibility, as prescribed by ritual - in any case should not be laughing, having fun, joking, drinking alcohol is completely eliminated in the three days before the sacrament.

In addition, plots a good trade will take effect if you treat customers with gratitude, not stingy, giving generously during bargaining, not going to give light weight or cheat correctly and in full will return surrender.Strong plot on a successful trade is done with the help of salt taken from the house.Before you start trading, a handful of salt thrown from his right hand over his left shoulder backhand, while saying the word conspiracy.

when to take the bill from the first buyer, count and quickly give change, and as soon as the buyer moves - immediately accepted "obmetaniyu" the proceeds of their goods denomination, while zagovornye nagovarivaya word.

interesting ritual to attract a successful trade is based on the fact that the four look into the eyes of her pet turtle and shell.If significant changes are necessary in the case - the turtle taken in the house for a couple of weeks, with the paramount importance of its size - the bigger it is - the more dramatic changes are coming in the trading business.To further heighten the result of the turtle is sometimes necessary to take with them to a place of trade.

If you got own shop plots a good trade, help in attracting customers of the set, even if they are, at first glance, in some ways absurd, but that just does not predprimesh for future success in the trading business.So, take a little bit of oats from nine horse troughs and dirty at the door of a cafe or two different dining rooms.This "mix" sprinkled in the corners of the room, saying:

«How much oats nine decks as much litter in the two taverns, so many customers in my shop.Amen. "

evening before the forthcoming trading day reading a good conspiracy trade, referring to the patron saints, especially venerated Nikolai is pleasers who patronizes many endeavors, travel, marine navigation and commerce as well.

Perform various rituals, incantations for good trade - all means are good in such a case the right, if it's really important to you, why not read a word of prayer or conspiracy - they harm no one will bring, and you will set up for success.For example, the church bought 13 candles 13th in any month get change - transfer any of its metal in the money when returning home - a backhand throw money on the ground and leave until the morning.It is desirable that at the time of this action, there were no strangers in the house (neighbors, friends), so they do not were curious about why the money lying on the floor.When morning comes - it is necessary first of all, and not Brushing her hair without washing - to collect all fines, fold it in a handkerchief, tie, and hide under the bed.After this sale will significantly improve earnings and cash significantly multiply.