When they go to church on Christmas - 6 or 7 January?

On major holidays, so-called the Twelve, each Orthodox Christian is trying to go to church and take part in the solemn liturgy.

whether long service in the Orthodox churches?

During the holidays even small churches and chapels open their doors to the faithful.Service, with short breaks, come one after another.They begin often very early, before seven in the morning and end after midnight.People are full of them.Unusually human conduct in the church all day very hard.Even church-going, and they did not always defend all services.But the Byzantine tradition suggests serving God day and night, without interruption.For a long time in Russia remained ranks liturgies, lasting for 8-10 hours.Gradually, the prayers, and the canons of the Holy Scriptures has declined significantly, and now even the longest service does not last longer than three to five hours.After her a break, followed by another, the provisions of the rule.

Like everything in time?

Many baptized people in the bustle of daily activities rarely attend church, but they always try to get into it at least in the basic and the most important days - at Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, the Annunciation, the Assumption, Baptism, Exaltation, Candlemas, and others.

If all the other holidays clear plan on what day trip to the church, on the eve of the Nativity of Christ in those who rarely go to the temple, the question arises: where they go to church on Christmas?January 6 - the holiday is not a challenge.On the secular calendar is a normal working day.Like his plan?For many every year - it's a difficult decision rebus.There can not be until the first star, that is up to six hours in the evening.On this day, you need to have time to prepare the 12 ritual meals, work on the main workplace and visit the temple.The church is indecent to run for a minute.If you come, then, is to defend the whole service.God usually supports and gives strength to this day more than usual.The main thing - do not panic prematurely.

If the working day, it is possible to do so.In one of the long New Year's weekend, during predprazdnovaniya Christmas, to visit the church, quietly confess, receive Holy Sacrament and ask for blessings from the priest to visit the most important Christmas service.

on Christmas Eve everyone is waiting for the rising of the stars, do not eat, prepared 12 ritual dishes, read or listen to prayers.

Christmas holiday, a day off the calendar falls on January 7, and the stars, heralds the coming of the Savior into the world, everyone is looking to the sky in the evening of the 6th.In it there is a strange paradox, and some inconvenience.

What if I want to bring in the festive service of the child?

When they go to church (at Christmas or any other holiday light), then notice that all of the services, although many, but very beautiful and solemn.People in many temples, is stuffy, and yet want to go the whole family, with children.If an adult can make an effort and sacrifice unto the least such a sacrifice, the children can not do it.And whether you want to comply with them from the Orthodox tradition remains unpleasant sensations?Good parents want the Christian holidays and visit temples for their children were the most pleasant days.And if the kids have to stand for hours on their feet in the crush and the dense crowd of people?

During the service, it is not accepted to walk, talk and deal with foreign affairs.We must stand with his head down and listen to religious texts.In addition, for the temple to be specially prepared.It is important to plan everything and to teach children to attend church in a big celebration.If you see that the child does not stand quietly leave him on the street.Let not accept going to the temple as an unpleasant duty.It is not so sinful to bear such a heavy sacrifice, and adults who do not all afford.

important that children understand, for what purpose and to whom they come, when they go to the temple.

Visiting temples unchurched Christians

unchurched people, when they go to church on Christmas, refer to this event especially cherished.Many even deny his participation in the Christian holiday, the day before if defiled-fasting food or medical condition requires a ban on visiting the Abode of the Holy Spirit.Many stops fear of condemnation for what they do not know the text of prayers, or do not know how to behave in church.It's a science.A great holiday filled with temples of all kinds of people, and there is no fear that the most zealous and fanatical believers chase them or condemn.For anybody it is no secret that on ordinary days, when the church a few people, it happens.

How to know the schedule of services

If unchurched people ask in the temple: "When they go to church on Christmas - 6 or 7 January?" - He could not give a definite answer.For those who serve in the church, on this day there are all the services.They are at this time especially a lot of other concerns.After all, it is necessary and at the candle table quickness to turn, and the purity of the house of God to maintain, and other, often voluntary, responsibilities fully.Those people who work in the temple for their work do not receive a salary.Accordingly, demand from them the congregation can not do anything.So if you ever see a sensible and free man, worker in the church, and in this way bringing his sacrifice to God, consider yourself lucky.

If you come to the church the day before and ask in advance about the order of worship, ask when they go to church on Christmas Day from 6 to 7, you, again, can not answer, because usually schedules appears in no more thanA few days before the festival, and start the service in all churches not both.

in the post-operating churches were few and difficulties in order to take part in a festive service was much higher than now, when the churches, large and small, as well as chapels were so many that do not have to travel across town todefend the festive mass.

What affects the length of service?

What determines the beginning of the solemn service?For example, on factors such as the sacrament of confession.Before the festive service, the congregation proceeded to order them cleaned, the priests carried the confession.How many people will participate in it, and how long will repent, can not be predicted.On the duration and start time of the next service affects the number of communicants.Usually, when at Christmas they go to church, trying in this day and confession and communion.To feast brought the excitement of discovering the great mystery, the world soul and the welfare of the family, you need to prepare for it in advance.

to know when Christmas go to church, you need to find out which service is being held.And find out once and for all is impossible, because this festival rolling, and it can happen on any day of the week.

Colors Christmas attire

The annual round of the most important Christian holidays there is a certain system and hierarchy.All of them fall into the Lord, that is, more than anything pertaining to Jesus Christ, the Theotokos, and dedicated to his Blessed Mother.Lord was overriding.

Robes of priests, made of yellow brocade, decorated with gold embroidery and lace, is associated with power and authority of God and symbolize.Orthodox, when they go to church on Christmas Day from 6 January 7, note that the festive vestments priests painted in the colors of the Virgin Mary, symbolizing purity and chastity - white and blue.Although this celebration of the Lord.It is the second largest.First - Easter.Resurrection of Christ - the most important holiday and Christmas - the largest by the number of days during which the festive service.

longest holiday

for the great feast the Church and the entire Orthodox people preparing long sacrifice fasting, cleansing the soul of repentance and prayer.The joyful event also does not end in one day.After the most significant dates of the posts abolished binding on Wednesdays and Fridays, entertainment activities are permitted.It is no coincidence this time is always planned wedding.

the number of days that celebrate the great event, twelve great feasts are also different.Birth of Jesus Christ - the longest of all.Each celebration is divided into three parts - predprazdnenstvo, poprazdnenstvo and saluting.All together it lasts for almost two weeks.

Predprazdnovanie Christmas lasts five days.The church at Christmas and go on the threshold of a great event, and the number 6, and 7 th, and the next week.Poprazdnenstvo lasts from one day to eight, depending on the proximity to the posts or the next holiday, and ends saluting.

This is the most solemn service.She remembered all the circumstances of the most significant events celebrated.

When to go to the temple - before or after the rising of the star of Bethlehem?There are

to church on Christmas Day after the appearance of stars in the sky, heralded the birth of the Christ Child?This question does not make sense.Certainly go.Visiting temples in the days of Christmas - it's like visiting a close relative in the hospital, performing the well or going to give birth to a child.If it is permissible to carry out such a parallel.

arrival of each one of us to the temple - an expression of gratitude to the Creator for that day he gave all of us, all mankind, to save us from death in the fiery hell of His only begotten Son.And on the question of whether to go to church on Christmas Day to the stars, and if you go, then what is the meaning of a temple to the birth of the Divine Child, you can answer the following.

ready for any holiday, we choose our elegant clothes, make beautiful hairstyle and so on. D. While waiting for the arrival on earth of the Immaculate child (the future sacrifice for our sins), We try to be cleansed of their sins, hoping that the less evil wewe, the purer the soul, the experience less suffering Savior in His earthly incarnation.

Thus, the question "when they go to church on Christmas: 6 or 7 th" can not be considered significant.

Lord is stronger, kinder and smarter than we think

Of course, this day is shrouded in many mysteries, superstitions and omens.This reflects our spiritual immaturity.The Lord sees the soul of each of us individually.And he sees me come to the temple to meet and communicate with him, or because someone said, as if in this day all the desire to visit the church will certainly be executed.Or maybe it really true?After all, God's mercy is so great!

When they go to church on Christmas morning, January 6, nothing to eat or drink before the confession.After receiving the remission of sins and a blessing to the communion, parishioners participate in the Great Vespers and Liturgy of St. Basil the Great.Before Communion anything by mouth can not take even water.If you do not partake in the day, before sunrise the first stars in the sky are allowed to drink only water.

Finally, we note that many of the provisions shall be announced priest, who ministers to the temple, at the end of the sermon.One need only listen carefully.