The liquid acrylic bath: reviews.

Eventually cover any bath can come into disrepair.Restore it is not so simple.Recently, very popular liquid acrylic bath.This tool allows you not only to return the luster to any product, but also to remove small cracks and chips.Restoration of liquid acrylic is the most effective method.For the first time this remedy appeared on the market in 2009.The liquid acrylic became a sensation.After all, he has a lot of advantages.

Preparing for the restoration of the bath liquid acrylic - it is very easy

First of all, prior to the application are not required heavy preparatory work, such as the dismantling of the bath.There is no need to carefully remove stubborn coating yellowing.

To resolve on an old enamel various cracks, you can use ordinary putty for cars.In addition, before applying the acrylic can not display the various special solvents rust and transducers.It is enough to walk through the old layer of enamel with sandpaper.

little tip

liquid acrylic allows you to fully restore the surface of the bath.However, to get a smooth coating, is to get serious about preparing articles.After treatment with sandpaper bath is to wash with warm water and detergent.

When you buy all the materials needed for the restoration of the baths, special attention should be paid to the liquid acrylic.Select only dolgosohnuschy.Due to the composition of a mixture of the final coating will be much stronger.This will last a long acrylic.

After all the work the bathroom should be closed to eliminate any vibrations in the air, insects and dust from entering on a fresh coat.To dry the product after restoration should be not less than four days.In some cases, it takes a bit more time.

After the restoration of the bath in the room is to keep the temperature at around 17 - 25 ⁰S above zero.Set overflow and drain siphon is possible only after the complete drying of the new coating.

liquid acrylic: dignity

The main advantage of this material - a high strength coating that forms it.This is achieved by a layer of 6 millimeters.It should be noted that the product covered by liquid acrylic, able to withstand even a hammer blow.

Another advantage of acrylic - low thermal conductivity.Typically, the bath is made of steel or cast iron.However, such products have a relatively high thermal conductivity.For example, in a bath of cast iron water will cool only 4 minutes per degree.As to acrylic, the material, in contrast, does not allow the contents to cool the bath.The water in the product with such a coating will cool down slowly: one degree - minutes at 30.

addition, the surface covered with acrylic, snow-white is much longer.Over the years, the bath begin to turn yellow.However, products covered with acrylic, the longest delight their owners pristine whiteness.But that's not all.A layer of liquid acrylic is resistant to chemical detergents, which can also be considered one of the advantages of the coating.

Another advantage of the material - durability.Typically, the acrylic coating is warranted, which is designed for about 10 years.Thus the product can be used daily.The material does not lose its practical and aesthetic qualities.

How best to prepare a bath

Thus, liquid acrylic, the price of which depends on several parameters, prior to the application does not require special preparation of the product.However, to prepare the bath still have.To do this is to buy a normal cleaning agent, as well as rubber gloves, tips for drills, sandpaper and spatula.When all the tools at hand, you can start to work.

with a brush and cleaning agent thoroughly cleaned bath.This will eliminate the grime and limescale.Also, for these purposes, you can use an ordinary baking soda.In this case, the bath is also degreased.

After this is to remove all the decorative moldings on overflow and drainer.Places of installation should be cleaned of rust.For these purposes the use of sandpaper.When a specific need, you can use special nozzles to drill.This will remove much stubborn rust.

addition, it is necessary to walk sandpaper on all slopes of the product.Thus, you can easily remove pieces lags behind the walls of the enamel.If necessary, use a spatula.

If during operation or during cleaning on the surface of the bath were chipped, then they should be putty.After drying, all you need to clean up the place again.In this case it is necessary to use a car polyester putty or epoxy resin.

After preparing the product should be washed under running water.But that is not all.Experts recommend to dial into a bath of warm water, then drain it after 10 minutes This will warm up the material.This is best done before you apply liquid acrylic.

then the product is wiped dry and dry.You can use the hair dryer building.

start restoration baths

repair liquid acrylic baths is time consuming and requires patience and accuracy.Begin work only after the coating is ready.In a bowl with the polymer backbone, you must add the hardener and then all mixed thoroughly.It is worth considering that the composition of the need to stir for 12 minutes.Otherwise, on the bath surface will remain uncured liquid acrylic.

part of the final mixture, about 1.5 or 1 liter, pour into a separate container equipped with a spout.If it does not, then it can be done independently.For this purpose, a conventional plastic bottle neck to be cut.

in prepared dishes need to pour the diluted liquid acrylic filler.You can then proceed to the restoration of the bath.

As acrylic cover product

should start from the corner of the bath, which is adjacent to the wall.It is necessary to create a layer of liquid acrylic approximately 5 centimeters.This substance must flow freely on the slopes of the product to the middle.Move around the perimeter of the bath should be gradual, evenly distributing the mixture.It must drain freely.Only need to move around the perimeter of the tub.Thus it is necessary to be careful, avoiding over-poured.

When the perimeter of the product will be completely covered with liquid acrylic mixture can not be topped up on the already restored part.Otherwise, it formed an ugly bruise.Covering the bath liquid acrylic does not end there.

next round should start from the middle of the slopes of the product.At the end of the restoration at the bottom of the bath can be formed too thick.It should be leveled with a spatula.Move in the direction you need to drain.This will remove any excess mixture, pouring them into sewers.

strictly forbidden to touch the sides with a spatula to the bath.This may compromise the integrity of the new coating.It is worth remembering that all nodules disperse by themselves.

Some warnings

liquid acrylic bath should be used carefully and very quickly.All work on the restoration should not last more than 4 hours.During the application of liquid acrylic do not make long stops and big break.Of course, with no experience of similar work the restoration of the bath will take a long time.However, it should be remembered that the masters of the coating liquid acrylic products in just a few hours.

User reviews

today for the restoration of bathtubs many choose is liquid acrylic.Comments about this vehicle mostly positive.Most people say that they just bought a snow-white bath shade.The main thing - to apply liquid acrylic slowly, observing all the rules.In addition, many consumers indicated in their review that the coating is resistant not only to household chemicals, and mechanical damage.But the decrease in thermal conductivity allows longer than usual to bask in the warm water.Negative reviews of liquid acrylic - is a rarity.They mainly relate to incorrect application of the mixture.

a short time and without dismantling the grueling training of all surfaces can get an updated bath, which is virtually identical to the new one.

cost of liquid acrylic

liquid acrylic, the price of which depends on the volume of the container and as a hardener, available from many DIY stores.It is usually sold in plastic buckets.The volume of the container is not less than 3.5 kg.As regards the hardener, then its implement exclusively in half-liter bottles.

It should be noted that this amount of material will be sufficient to cover the metal bath of any length is 1.7 meters.As for the cost of liquid acrylic, then on average it is 1100 - 1800 rubles per bucket.If you do not believe in your own abilities, you can hire a specialist company that provides services for the restoration of the baths.Of course, it will cost much more expensive: about 3500 rubles.