Orthodox Samara.

Samara fortress was put Cossacks at the confluence of the Volga and the river of the same name in the XVI century on the site of hermit monastery.Its base is associated with the name of St. Alexis, predicted the two centuries before the construction of the city in the area and the fact that this city and no one ever will not be ruined.Many, this outpost defending the eastern borders from nomad raids.

city of thousand temples

For many centuries the inhabitants of Samara lived under the protection of an invisible spiritual church domes and crosses.Comes to town numerous merchants and traders were surprised abundance of monasteries and church buildings in Samara.The convenient location of Samara on the banks of two rivers over time, making it a major center of economic and diplomatic relations with its eastern neighbors.For three hundred years, the city has been built a large number of churches, temples, monasteries and houses of worship not only the Orthodox, but also of many other faiths, indicating that the tolerance of the local people.By this time under the auspices of the Russian Orthodox Church and became the spiritual center of the region of Samara.All Saints Church originates in this favorable period for the city.Economic, political and cultural life events that have a major commercial, industrial and administrative center in the late XIX century, sharply raised the level of welfare of citizens, which is also beneficial to the spiritual life of the citizens, the volumes of hramostroitelstva and help the homeless and the poor.

XIX century.Construction of the temple

Since transfer to the outskirts of the local cemetery in 1864, the question arose about the construction of the cemetery church.Samara merchants Yemelyan and Micah Shihobalovy donated money for the construction and building materials.With the active assistance of Bishop Theophilus Nadezhin 1865 was the year of construction of the new elegant oval stone church with a bell tower of All Saints.

Among the many other churches that are famous for Samara, All Saints Church differed unusual for a city plan "under the bell", octal base, tent and head high with two pylons.
This type of the building was before 1881, when the question arose about its reconstruction and capital restructuring due to low tonnage.After work the church has increased by two chapels and acquired 517-pood bell in memory of Micah Shihobanove.In 1986 the chapel was consecrated right.The money collected by parishioners, was made three-tier pine iconostasis with 72 unique images of saints.It took 8 years, finished the work and dedicated the second chapel of the church.

in 1903 was carried out another reconstruction, added a lot of hand-made icons, created many unique frescoes.When, after the meeting of the cell of the militant atheists in 1931, blasted the church of All Saints, Samara started.

New Life Temple

attempts to revive the church was made only in 2000, the residence time of a parish church was organized in railway cars.It was announced the collection of donations at the temple of All Saints.Samara, and especially its railway area in unison in a short time brought together not only the necessary amount of recovery, but residents still bring a lot of icons and necessary items for worship.In 2001, an unexpected fire destroyed the temporary location of the church and all the collected icons.Despite all the difficulties experienced, the foundation was laid for the new building.When in 2006 the temple was built St. Tatiana, Samara and its surroundings began to sacrifice for the restoration of the Church of All Saints.In October 2007, work on the construction of the temple was completed, and in the feast of the Protection of the Mother of God have been raised to the top of three-ton dome and gilded crosses.A lot of the faithful and pilgrims gathered around the temple, kiss the cross before they lifted up and set on top of the building.

XXI century.Samara.All Saints Church

today continued improvement of this beautiful church.Completed work in the basement, there is now the largest church shop where you can buy books and everything necessary for church services.Since 2010, when the temple opened Sunday school for children, there are plans to build a kindergarten and college.Continues to collect donations for the improvement of the iconostasis, the altar, the throne.If you want to go to church, come to the address: Samara, All Saints Church, Tukhachevsky Street.Here you will immediately see the glitter of gold domes of this beautiful building.