Love Park in Korea - without a hint of erotic vulgarity

Koreans at all times is unusually natural modesty.And about promiscuity and even not speak - in exposed the pernicious influence of the west South Korea even today women often bathed in jeans or a dress, embarrassed to strip down to a bathing suit, but in the heat go to a few T-shirts, not to show that underneathis located.

But this does not mean that there are no sex.On Jeju Island is the famous park of love.In Korea, the country is very conservative, the theme of love and sex has always been considered taboo.No wonder there are still frequent marriages of the parent treaty.

honeymoon on the island of Jeju for the Koreans have long been a tradition.As you know, the foundations of society, including moral, are constantly changing.It was to inform the newly-weds, to prepare them for married life, and created special cultural composition.

Love Park in Korea was opened relatively recently, in November 2004, and is probably the most original architectural ensemble in the world, having a pronounced erotic orientation.The basis of the composition comprise a hundred and forty sculptures, symbolizing love and sexuality in all its manifestations.

Sculpture installed in the park, called Love Land ("Land of Love"), or the Jeju Loveland, created by graduates of the University of Seoul "Honkik" another two years before the official opening.

the park visitors (and are allowed here only persons who have reached eighteen years of age) are available to view video erotic themes, as well as small training films.Here there are many souvenir stalls, where you can buy all sorts of products to remind you of the fact that its owners had once visited this unusual love park in Korea.Photo sculpture on the background of people who have sex in various poses, feels obliged to do any tourist coming here.

Love Park in Korea - is not only a sculpture.Located in a mild tropical climate of the local scenery, striking for its lush vegetation, have become excellent natural scenery, perfectly complements the whole architectural ensemble.On Jeju tangerine trees a lot, because the local people called him only as "Tangerine Island," and the local greenhouse grow different extraordinary beauty of orchids and other exotic plants.But the best time to visit the park of love in Korea - of course, spring, when almost the entire island is covered with fragrant magic carpet, consisting of bright southern colors.In summer you can scuba dive, swim or sunbathe on the clean pebble beaches.It's no wonder the unique local nature declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is under its protection.

You can have different attitudes to this place, but, despite the fact that the park of love in South Korea, many considered the most indecent in the world here every year attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.