What does lol.

Parents harder to understand their children because of the emergence of a special computer slang, though they themselves had once said in an incomprehensible language for adults hippies and informal.Now create a set of dictionaries that acquaint us with new phrases and expressions, greatly facilitating many lives, and hopefully expanding horizons.

The letters "lol" is often heard in the spoken language of young people and found in Internet chat rooms.Let's now talk about what it means lol.Where did we come this word?

meaning of the word lol

This combination of letters is an acronym for the whole phrase in the English language and means "lots of laughter" (lot of / out laugh).Thus, Internet users show their emotions when communicating instead of emoticons and other signs, too, that you can draw a smile or a laugh: :-), :-D, ;-)), and so on.

Naturally, the Russian-speaking Internet users do not always write "lol", and the use of their domestic letters and it looks like this: LOL (very funny), lol (funny), and such a mutation as "ololo" which means lol, butalready as a mockery, irony and sarcasm.

All of this is nothing else than the jargon of the Internet, a special language, which is not always clear to an adult, especially if you use the entire computer vocabulary created by the founders of the site Upyachka.ru and ordinary citizens of our vast country.All the masterpieces of Russian Internet slang, you can peek in the original dictionary Upyachka "Onotolitsa."

more about what it means lol

Knowing tongue-tied in English, it is not surprising when the word is found a few values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be useful to you one day.According to the dictionary of slang, lol value has varied, but far ahead of the original, that is mockery.

  • prostetski man, useless, worthless, incompetent, stupid, lol meaning in certain circles of our society.
  • Laughing at someone or silent laughter.
  • misunderstood something man, stupid and mean lol, that is very similar to the word "hick" but is not it a shame, especially when you do not know what sense betrayed this value, because as they say "lol" of fervent, cheerful man,the soul of the company.
  • And, of course, do not forget about the expression of emotions through the word lol, meaning laughing, defiant hohotanie to cramps in the abdomen.

After a long search of the word "lol", you can come to this conclusion: finally got the word that itself has many meanings, it is unclear offended him or not.In my opinion, it complied with all the traditions of the Russian language: a word has several meanings, sometimes quite the opposite.For example, as the parsley and green dollar.Now you can speak openly about the fact that a person acted silly, but without hurting him at the same time and not calling them stupid, but just saying "lol".

We could dream up on the fact that these words are able to bring world peace, but goodness and justice contained not so much in words, but in deeds heart.Therefore let your lives be more laughter, and if you want to express your emotions thanks to computer slang, I laugh with Swami ololo, comrades, lol!