How quickly calm down: practical advice

periodic outbursts of emotion happen in everyone's life.Unfortunately, very few people manage to avoid conflicts at work or at home, and just situations that unbalance.Unfortunately, concepts such as "alarm", "anxiety" and "stress" have become an integral part of our lives.At the same time we can experience a variety of emotions - anger, irritation, fear, strong emotion, bordering on panic.At such moments we can only think about how to quickly calm down.And often, if they wanted, to cope with their own emotions can not.

Meanwhile, there are a number of techniques, how quickly calm down, that psychologists advise everyone to learn.The ability to control emotions just need in the modern world.Of course, we are not talking about chronic stress or depression, but in case of a sudden surge of emotion, these measures are very effective.

most common advice that experts give - is to shift attention from the traumatic situation for their own breath.For example, take a deep breath and count to ten.It is advisable to learn the method of "restful breathing."At the same time you do not need to learn special techniques.Just monitor the process of breathing, can mentally pronounce: "I breathe in, air passes through the nose, enters the trachea, bronchi, lungs."And in reverse, "carbon dioxide out through the bronchi, the trachea, the nose."

How quickly settle down in a critical situation?Often, the emotional outbursts man embracing a strong emotion, with tremors may appear in the hands, become frequent pulse and breathing.There is a "quick method" for coping with stress.Try to press the point much so-called "emergency", it is located above the upper lip, below the nose.It is enough to click on it for 3 seconds.Assist and anti-stress massage in a circular motion a point in the center of the chin: 9 times in a clockwise direction and the same - against.You can also warm up in the hands of each finger for 2-3 minutes.

There is an effective way to quickly calm down, for those who often has tantrums.In such cases, it helps to "ground".Once you feel that annoying, Grasp the metal rail for radiator, if you are in the room, substitute the hands under running water.You can touch the trunk of the tree, stand on the lawn (but barefoot is better)."Grounding" in this way should be 30 seconds.At the same time make a sharp intake of breath and smooth slow exhalation.Mentally imagine how irritated goes into the ground and dissolves.

If circumstances allow, try the moment of nervous tension to sit on a chair, relax and imagine the stream of water that flows to you.Take a deep breath in and out, and presents in detail how the water starting from the top, you have to wash off all the stress.Suppose that the flow drops to the feet.Exercise will not take more than 2 minutes, but the tension is significantly reduced.

Tips pregnant

Pregnant women are known to be particularly prone to mood swings.You can often hear from the expectant mother: "I can not calm down."Situations that previously did not pay attention to a woman during pregnancy can cause a storm of emotions literally.However, many blame themselves for incontinence, are worried about a child who may be frightened of emotions mother.

Many know firsthand that control themselves in this difficult time.And psychologists advise expectant mothers too zealous in fighting with their own emotions.To anything other than the added stress, it will not.Increased emotional during pregnancy - the norm.However, to learn techniques that help to quickly calm down, still need.

How calm during pregnancy?First of all, expectant mothers should also master the techniques outlined above.They will help to quickly remove emotional tension.In addition, experts advise more often to talk with the child, explaining to him the reasons for my mother a bad mood, it will help calm both.The main thing is to understand that fully protect the child from negative emotions is not possible, and the guilt felt by you, in fact, causes him no less of a concern than bursts of emotion.

Well as little as possible to get irritated over nothing more walk in the fresh air, learn relaxation techniques, take a few minutes a day of meditation and auto-training or try yoga for pregnant women.