Do I need a woman of tact?

Tact - this is a manifestation of respect for the other person.This acceptance of others as they are.And it is allowing others to be different.And it is a reason to live my life, do not gossip and other people's photographs do not gossip and speculation.

Faux Pas - one of the most disgusting qualities of women.It looks inconspicuously and very tolerant.But leaves deep scars in the hearts of people.Although we often do not even think about.It seems silly and strange offended by "innocent" questions.We do not want anything bad.Just ask.Just wondering.

When the girl always ask a friend - "Well, when are you getting married?" Do they know that the tarpaulin boots trample on the huge wound?It is, perhaps, wants to get married, dreams, but either has not yet met him, or, even more difficult to meet, but do not call her back.She's maybe feels flawed, useless, under-woman.And then there are issues constantly.

When a married couple asked - "and when the children?" Do the people that the pregnancy may simply not happen?That they would be happy to, and go to the doctors, but the miracle did not happen.And I understand you asked what it wildly hurt?

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When pregnant pestered with sex of the child - "you want a boy or a girl you need," Do people realize that this is nonsense?What it comes to the child that he was in the belly of a particular sex.And now he does not love or put into an orphanage, once again it is a girl or a boy again?

And seeing the woman tummy, always the first question - "are you pregnant?" And if not?If you just ate yesterday tight?Or soon women's days, when the woman's abdomen itself slightly increases?And if she dreams about it, but so far they have?And if she is pregnant, but hides, because there are different difficulty?And if she was so worried because the figures and believes that thick?

And indeed the figure!Advisers to lose weight, and you are sure that the woman has no problems with hormonal, it is not a health problem, namely food for the night?Maybe she walks into the room, and almost nothing to eat, but do not lose weight?In general, are you sure that her health better from these attempts to lose weight?Maybe she had such a constitution, and it's better?Same with the "correct".There is a disease - anorexia nervosa, when a person can not get better.Even there is not.And it's a big problem.And then there's advisers: "something you are very thin," or worse, "you're just walking Buchenwald» ...

A commentary on the social networks!It's so simple - to blurt out some rubbish when nobody sees you!Read them, and then go to the pages of the authors.You might be surprised.What do these people live a normal life and look normal.Just them finds something - and they become incomprehensible one.

Under any photo there are always improvers - and if her hair so as shorts of a different color, but still like the dress green and shorter or eyes brighter ... And to me you're like this, but I like you-so, and I do not like, and onI'm so ugly ... How do you think you bring these comments to someone good?Well, poumnichat showed a super-stylist, a connoisseur of beauty, and the next?Then I would like to communicate with you?To criticize is always easier than to make yourself.

Another shamelessly - and for someone like your kids?On the dad?On my mother?In the movie hero?In themselves they are like - for yourself!You do not think that a child can be similar in appearance to the unloved in-law - and that, for example, gives the mother a lot of suffering.Or the child is similar to her ex-husband, which caused many injuries, or simply died.You do not think that the "innocent" comparisons can hurt.But children - they are people.Individuals.Do you like when you are with someone compare?

Why do we believe that we know better than the other man, what is good and what is bad?Who came up with our "side is more visible" and "who do you even tell the truth"?To understand a person, need to be in its place, to go his way to and from.And not just gab nonsense from the belltower.

This does not mean you have to praise dress three sizes too small, tight non-ideal - as it seems - the figure of a friend.You can help choose a different style of dress - if it so requests.And if not, then tactfully silent.Do not ask too many questions.Generally not to ask personal questions.And we like to ask why someone is divorced, no children, why, why mouth smells.

there are people next to you all the time that you feel like being interrogated.As a minefield.It would not blurt out too much about yourself.It would not run into another "improvement".Gaze.Personal questions.What makes the husband?Why do you need so many children?And how much is to shoot your home?And how often do you have sex?Why do your kids do not go to school?A girl will give birth to?And what problems do you have with the Pope?

And it casually, in passing, passing.Wont be tactless.And we live in such a world, among these people.Why, we are the same.All you need to check for yourself before something to blurt out:

1. Would you like to get a question or suggestion on the ground that a person if no one asks you, and do not ask for help?

2. If this is the internet - would you say is the person in the eye, in everyday life?

And then becoming clear.For example, there is no need to ask people to do extra and personal questions - what you need to tell them yourself.When the time comes.If you come.If you want to.

But you can learn to be tactful!Starting with yourself.This quality will decorate any woman.And if we are talking about good education of girls, the tact is the first thing it should be taught.Then deal with it would be nice.After cycle useful in communicating within the home - and his home use is invaluable.

Then she will not get her husband's difficult questions, and he will want to communicate with her.She could leave him to think of one without extorting what the problem is.So the children easier to maintain confidence - if, for example, to knock before entering their room (especially if the children are grown).I foresee is an uproar - why should my house!And just think of yourself in childhood and adolescence - I would like you such respect from their parents?

And another interesting thing - when you become considerate and treat others with respect, your surroundings are transformed into the same direction.Either change your friends, or other people come.Such is attracted to like.You respect - you begin to respect.

help a person can do without the extra tips - just go and help.For example, introducing his unmarried girlfriend with unmarried friends.Not specifically, but in between times.Without setting a goal to be sure to give her in marriage.Feed overweight friends at home healthy and delicious meal.And what they like?Enable is childless girl talk with your children.From you do not lose anything, and it can help her and express my feelings and heal the soul.Rather than ask a million questions to her husband when he was in crisis, it is better to make a good massage and cook a delicious dinner.

Let us learn to be tactful, and even tactless woman tanks - more tanks than women.Even if they are in dresses, with long hair and know how to cook.

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