Religion and Fate

Note that not only the higher mathematics, but even elementary mathematics is not available to many.So how do you bring these people to develop, if they are so far removed from the mathematical thinking?This issue is addressed tens of thousands of years ago.

Smart people found out - religion.

Religion belongs to the highest stage of human thought, it is in its origin had to be divine, but in essence it was created by man.In every religion there are people who have reached the highest spiritual level, but not the religion they gave spirituality and they put the soul in religion.It

their property, a power that comes from their inner being.In fact, the great power descended on them and came in contact with them.They have much to understand and tell others, though sometimes some arrogantly consider themselves gods and reach the madness, unable to withstand the impact of a higher power.

glass of water taken from the sea, has the properties of sea water, but no one can say that in this sea of ​​glass.That and our connection with the divine.Since few of those in whom there is a great force, most people should be divided into two groups:

a) those that ,.can penetrate into the depths of the mysterious hidden knowledge, learn the highest quality, to study, to know the truth and the life.

b) those who can not know the hidden knowledge, religion is given them in return - in order to enable them to live exemplary lives right.

Those ministers of religion, which are the leaders of the people and give instructions "not to condemn the works of God" should be added to this: "if you do not know how to judge."

Do not forget to add that the Armenian people have always been thinkers more than the world average, and this is an advantage of the Armenian nation.

Our intelligentsia to Christianity, because our state has taken it even 1700 years ago.During these 1,700 years mankind has reached considerable heights of development, but at the same time caught up in a series of misunderstandings.In Soviet times, we constantly hear that life - this is what we see, but religion says something quite different.A person is not required if the evidence is at least credible words with logical reasoning, so that he could understand and accept life with its laws.

gets a big roundabout and it turns us in a circle endlessly.It is fortunate that the development of life continues, and continues only due to the fact that we are led by an invisible force.Today, our ignorance of life, not only us, but the next generation may lead to death.

hurt and pain that these hidden knowledge of the parties and they are neglected, not only those people who can not understand them, or are afraid that this knowledge will not be available to them, but those who teach the exact sciences.Do not worry, it is not difficult to understand them, they do not require significant knowledge need only desire.

Take the example of Christ's sacrifice, try to understand it correctly.

Religion says that Christ sacrificed himself to save mankind.A person with the mind, and the more a person who has reached this development can not understand the essence of this action.We are trying to understand how it happened?Christ for its time was an exceptional phenomenon;he has learned the hidden knowledge, it is perhaps even more of what we know today.He wanted to pass on their knowledge to people, but he was sure that he misunderstood, and really, it is not understood until now.

In fact, a person is not only a visible physical body, and is a very complex system of seven bodies, each of which in turn has 7 subordinate bodies.We need to know at least the first three of them to live right (on this see "The human body" of this book).

purpose of Christ was to let people know that life does not end with death, but continues that death is not so terrible that it is only a temporary separation from loved ones, that man will return to earth.For all this to explain to people, Christ sacrificed himself, but few understand it.If a person will be a true representation of life, he will live right will be saved and become immortal.What is this idea?The fact that the world is given to man temporary residence not for pleasure, but for the next development to people freed from old age, disease and suffering at birth and death.And if Christ had not sacrificed himself, people would not know the secret of life.