What plants are propagated by seeds and how they spread

plants meet us at every turn.Man uses them in different sectors: not only for food but also for the manufacture of clothing, furniture, as well as for the coziness and beauty.More than 200 species are now cultivated people.And the main value in human life have a seed plant, mainly flowers.They are grown in the fields and gardens.And so for amateur gardeners and growers it is very important to know which plants are propagated by seeds.After all, this method is the simplest and cheapest.

history of breeding seeds

first plant in the world spread spores.However, this mechanism proved imperfect, since very small amounts of the dispute falls within the favorable conditions.So far we survived only ferns, mosses and lichens.The emergence of a huge variety of plants nature owes the appearance of the method of seed propagation.After the seed has a protective cover and the supply of nutrients, more adapted to the harsh conditions, can a long time to lie down and wait for the animal or man will take it into fertile soil for the growth.

first seed plants - coniferous, ginkgovidnye and sagovnikovidnye.They are still very common on Earth.A very large group - angiosperms, or flowering plants.They not only provide human food and clothing, but also to decorate his life.So everyone will be interested to know which plants reproduce by seeds.

structure of seed plants

special feature of them all is the fact that at least once in their life, they form a flower on the site which ripens the fruit of the seeds.The beauty, fragrance and color of it depends on the method of pollination.The main part of these plants - a pistil and stamens.Each flower they are different.Stamens containing pollen and flowers are needed for pollination.The pistil consists of ovary, style and stigma.It is the first fruit of the developing seeds.

All plants are divided into seeded and polyspermous.Seeds vary in size, color and shape.They can be small, like dust, or large and solid (eg, beans or acorns).From all this we can conclude that the seed breeding plants with flowers.

How to propagate seeds

During the evolution of nature came up with many ways of distribution.It is important for the survival of the plants, the seeds were scattered over long distances.They should germinate in favorable conditions.If you know which plants are propagated by seeds, it becomes clear that the latter can not be the same.After all, many of them have a special structure, which depends on the method of distribution.

  1. Most seeds spread by wind.Some plants are so very small as dust.Other seeds have special adaptations to fly long distances.For example, the fruit of maple called "Samara" and the fall is rotated, so that it takes the wind very far.Poplar seeds and dandelion fluffy and light.They are covered with fine hairs, and we still have the shape of a dandelion parachutes.
  2. Many seeds are distributed by man or animals.They have provisions to cling to clothing or fur and so carried over long distances.This, for example, a series or burdock.Some seeds are sticky and adhere to everything, even to the legs of birds.
  3. Often plants that reproduce by seeds are juicy and tasty.They are eaten by birds or human bones and get to another place.
  4. There are some plants, which emit their seeds, often over long distances, such as squirting cucumber.Just doing and yellow acacia.

How to grow plants from seed

very much now fans of indoor plants.But few people are interested in what plants are propagated by seeds.It's cheap, though, but rather a troublesome manner.Seeds need to first soak, then sow in the fertile soil for them.It is necessary to establish specific conditions: optimal temperature, humidity and light.After germination is important to water them time to put in a sunny warm place to thin sprouts.Therefore, most growers prefer to buy ready-made seedlings.