10 signs that you may want to change their jobs in 2015

That Sunday evening, and you will feel more than ever that did not want to go to work tomorrow.And then you ask yourself - it may be worth it to quit?And if you should quit, when to do this is the right time?

answer to this question is very simple: there is no addition of the "perfect moment" to drop everything and leave.Why is that?Because you'll never feel experienced enough, you will never be enough money to make the leap into the unknown.About symptoms of burnout and ways to address Trlin told Lauren, founder of Buzzy.

Invest in yourself

In late 2014 I attended several presentations, which were attended by the speakers, a woman who inspired me incredibly their strength and determination.I sat and listened to the stories of these amazing women, marveling at their career and really admired them.

From their statements, I realized one thing: I - the most important asset that requires attention and protection.I came to the conclusion that investing in yourself is the best gift ever bestowed himself.This means that you should choose a certain professional role and place that will make of you a valuable professional.Sometimes it's your personal value for the benefit of the organization, sometimes - not.But only when you become for myself own a valuable asset, you will never become "obsolete" or "unnecessary".

Yes, the time has come ...

In 2014 I noticed some signs that clearly told me that it was time to invest in yourself and move on.Here is a list of signs that you should definitely draw your attention.Perhaps they have manifested in you, and now it's time to drop everything (or change) and begin to grow in another place of work

1. You have lost the passion for work, and you do not strive for continuous improvement

you cameto a certain perfection in their work and carry out their tasks well, but without that spark that made you move to this perfection.You are no longer interested in innovations in the industry, do not try to learn new skills and just sit, doing their routine work.But remember that knowledge - the main driving force in the development.Without the systematic acquisition of new knowledge you stop investing in a qualified technician.So learn and educate yourself constantly.

2. Are you bored

you lack motivation, and the highlight of the day was the lunch break.

3. You no longer look upon the role models

Who lead, order and rack.Successful people take half of his success to those who teach it.And that's OK!If your company does not have such a specialist, who should be leveled, it is necessary to consider carefully whether to stay there.

4. Your work has a direct impact on your physical and psychological health

you suffer from constant stress, bad mood, headaches and anxiety?Note that at times our body can say a lot more than our mind (and heart).

5. your stomach bothers you on Sunday evening

It is about the feeling in the stomach, which we usually experience at school or university before an important exam or test papers.If Sunday night you begin to feel a similar concern, it is necessary to take this feature seriously.Anxiety and depression - this is no joke.

6. Do you feel that your morale if you suck out

Not everyone is ready to sell his soul, "the corporate devil."And that's fine.Each of us has a specific purpose in life, and our task is to define it and start to move towards its implementation.Work should be fun, otherwise our way to the goal will be similar to a dense forest, full of obstacles.

7. Do you feel like a rat on a sinking ship

happens that you are in the organization, which is like a sinking ship.Everyone wants to rid itself of unnecessary worries and inspired by a common idea.In such circumstances, behave like a rat on a sinking ship - to save and to swim to the shore, to find a new source of inspiration and power.

8. You stopped believing in what you appreciate

If you are working in the organization for many years, a lot for her to do, but you get a minimal fee, you should not hold on to the "carrot".Always much more profitable to grow their own vegetables.

9. Because you oozes all conceivable negative

Sometimes you can express your negative feelings when absolutely can not do anything to solve the problem.But when you become a source of constant negativity, it's scary.Instead, learn how to use negative points for moving forward.

10. You do not like your boss or the people with whom you work

Life is too short to spend it on what is causing the continuous negativity and suffering.A bad boss?Unpleasant staff?No one has time for that ...

If you find at least one symptom of the above, it can be one of the main reasons to quit your job.Most of you think and cry out: "But what I do then?"or "Are you crazy? I have a mortgage!"Yes you are right.But each person has similar problems.And throw really scary.But you're the expert, and the labor market there are many companies that will be happy to take you under his wing and contribute to your well-being and development.Much more useful to be inspired by the changes than to die a slow death on an office chair where you are actually dying.In your power to change everything and make your life better!

Good luck!

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