"Murzuq" Bianchi - a summary of the story

posted story "Murzuq" Bianchi.Summary acquaint the reader with this interesting product.The story begins with a scene in the woods.


author introduces the reader to one of the main characters - the old man Andreyevich.He was in the woods and did not notice that out of the bushes watched him trot, but she found herself.

A. Not far from the grazing deer.Lynx jumped on one of the bushes and tried to hide from prey in the thicket, but the hunter was on the alert.He took aim and fired.Wounded lynx suddenly attacked him, but the man took out a knife and kill a dangerous animal.

With such a tense moment begins the story "Murzuq" Bianchi.Synopsis help find out what happened next.


Lynx did not live alone.She had three cubs.The old man saw the two who crawled towards him, strangled them and buried to Rysin tribe has not grown or threaten humans and animals.But the third child was destined to survive.He liked older men, and he took it home with him.

That's what the story invented for his novel "Murzuq" Bianchi.Summary continues that tamed A. rysёnka and he became like a house cat.

news of this animal quickly spread to the county and beyond.The old man is not just offered to sell Murzuq, but he refused.It took 3 years.

Once Andreyevich came to Mr. Jacobs, who has worked in the private zoo.Story Bianchi "Murzuq" in the fourth chapter introduces the reader to this man.He, too, first asked the old man to sell him trot.A. flatly refused.Jacobs then began to blackmail him so that he would at the old man to court.He saw a deer skin, which killed his mother Murzuq, and promised to report back to where you want the old man A. queens, and it threatens court.Jacobs offered a deal - the silence in exchange for the old man to sell him the animal.A. did not take the money, and he averted his pet to the cart, and put him in a cage.

In captivity

Here to such a sad moment described the story "Murzuq" Bianchi.Summary talk about it.First rysёnok was calm, but the train began to worry.When he was brought to a place of sadness began to grow.He refused to eat and he caught rats.Murzuq was smart and tried to break down the bars of the cage.On this he took 2 months.Rysёnok gradually swung the cane and wanted to flee, but the minister has noticed the animal and sent him a huge jet of water from a hose.The animal had no choice but to live in appalling conditions.

Andreyevich felt unimportant, he was already a lot of years.He decided to go into town to see the favorite last time.The meeting was touching.The old man climbed over the fence and crouched in a cage with rysёnkom.The audience was amazed when a dangerous animal to man began to fondle and lick his hand.


A. barely learned darling, he was very thin.The old man slowly opened the cage and left.At night Murzuq accidentally leaned on the door and realized that it is open.Rysёnok fled into the woods.First he dealt with his abuser Jacobson, then a few weeks later still I made it to his master.

ends and sad and happy story "Murzuq" Bianchi.Synopsis help the reader to know that the old man died, and left rysёnok from all pursuers and went to live far away in the forest at will.