Panel steel radiators: characteristics and types

current market instruments used for heating, is very saturated.You are invited to a lot of different machines that have different quality, perform a different set of functions.In this article you will learn what a panel steel radiators, how they work than good.Also, you will be able to understand how to connect this equipment to its heating system.

What is the product?

steel panel radiators are special radiators, which have an average degree of thermal conductivity, as compared with units made of other materials.

these devices are produced from very high quality steel, which was previously protected from corrosion by special means.Such radiators may have fins or be made without them.Such devices are used in enclosed and independent heating system, which celebrated the reduced oxygen content of the coolant.

construction and operation of the device

panel steel radiators have a relatively simple device.First layer - is pressed steel sheets.They have a small thickness, are sufficiently strong, resistant to corrosion, even in the event of contact with the liquid.In these plates doing small channels through which circulates coolant.

Next comes the crate, which is designed to increase the heat output.These panels have a certain relief in the form of the letter "P".The most recent layer is decorative panels that ennoble the appearance of the unit.

present inside the radiator coolant that circulates through the channels connected to each other.It should be noted that the coolant is represented by a relatively small amount.This operating principle makes it possible to quickly heat the room.

Benefits device

panel steel radiators have such advantages:

1. Attractive appearance. modern designers offer a lot of solutions that help naturally fit these devices into your interior.

2. The high degree of heat transfer. fact that steel conducts heat very well.

3. Integrity. It should be noted that, after being purchased in the store should not be further collected.It is completely ready for installation.

4. Cost. fact that the radiator does not require a large amount of coolant, so heated much faster than other vehicles.In addition, the device is equipped with a thermostat.

5. Light weight. This wall heating system does not suffer too great a burden.

6. Availability.

7. A large variety.

steel panel radiators - is sufficiently effective tools that can provide a good job in autonomous systems.


Unfortunately, these products possess certain disadvantages:

- Low degree of corrosion resistance, especially if the steel scratched.

- Since the pipes that are installed for a long time, inside contains some dust and dirt inside the radiator channels can quickly become clogged.

- It is not necessary to install such equipment in the central heating system, where the water pressure is great.It can just "break" the device.

- Panel steel radiators must be transported carefully.

- Low resistance to waterhammer.

Damaged steel radiators you throw a whole.There is nothing to replace them you will not succeed.


should consider what the quality of the device to the manufacturer.

So, these devices have the following technical specifications:

1. Dimensions : height - 30-90 cm, width - 40-300 cm.

2. coolant temperature - up to 110 degrees.

3. Working pressure - not more than 10 bar.

4. pressure test - about 13 bar.

Classification devices

If you need steel panel radiators (characteristics you already know), you must also understand their types.




consists only of the heating panel.Ribs and grids in the apparatus of this type is not.The aid is convection, and, therefore, and dust.Such a device is used where cleanliness is important (hospitals, child care facilities).The radiator is also very easy to clean.


This product is characterized by a row of panels.However, it has ribs on the back side.Completely missing the upper grille.The advantage of this device is fast heating.However, because of its purity is required to monitor carefully.


This unit has two panels.Reber it does not have.For the air outlet grille provided.Double-row models have more power, so the work more efficiently.


In this case, there are two panels, separated by a convector fins.A distinctive feature of this machine is the presence of a housing which is closed on top of the radiator.


This product is characterized by two panels, each of which is welded convector.This type of radiators is considered to be the most popular.


There are three panels without convectors.Closes a radiator the top with lattice.


These steel panel radiators RSV2 1 are the most powerful.There are 3 series of panels, as well as three of the convector.On top of the device housing is closed.Naturally, the machine is very demanding in maintenance and cleaning.

These types of steel panel radiators are the most common.

Features selection unit

presented products will work effectively if you properly select them.First of all, we should pay attention to the power that is necessary to calculate.For example, steel panel radiators, single-row should be used in small spaces.The fact that they have a minimum capacity.

Naturally, it is also necessary to take into account the quality of the product.To this end, guided by the reputation of the manufacturer and the feedback from other buyers.Very popular today are considered to be steel panel radiators «Kermi».In addition, there are manufacturing companies, "Corado", "Demrad."Here's what to consider when choosing a steel panel radiator.Russia produces such devices is still not active enough.

need to pay attention on the size of the device.It all depends on the features and size of your room.Naturally, an important selection criterion is the type of connection.There is already a need to take into account the structural features of your heating system.

last thing: do not buy heaters in those stores that refuse to provide you with a quality certificate and other supporting documents.Otherwise, you're just wasting your money.

Connectivity unit

are only two.There is a lateral connection of steel panel radiators or lower.It all depends on your heating system, as well as models of the heater.If you have a device with a side connection, then connect to the pipe you it left or right.This setup can be done by yourself, as any difficulties it causes.

As for the lower connecting method, it is more preferable if necessary to carry out manually the setting space heating.In addition, this type of connection makes it possible to hide the supply tubes.Naturally, the price of the device with the lower connecting higher.

Instructions for connecting

It consists of several stages:

1. Unpack a steel panel radiator, but do not remove the protection film.

2. Make sure that the fasteners are installed on the specified manufacturers away from the floor (10 cm) of the wall (4 cm), the sill (minimum 6 cm).Only in this case it is possible to achieve maximum efficiency.

3. Install the unit by screwing it to the inlet pipe.To do this, use the dowels, screws and washers, fasteners, cover and lock keys for screwing and bleed air.

4. Open the central radiator valve.

5. Turn on the heating system and check whether the product is warming.If it is cold, so you need to let all the air out of it to the radiator filled with coolant.

technology manufacturing apparatus

Production of steel panel radiators consists of several stages:

- Pressing of sheet metal stamping and further panels.Their thickness does not exceed 1.25 mm.

- Manufacture of convectors in the form of the letter "P".For this, too, steel is used.

- Connection sheets in the panel using the seam welding.

- Fixing convectors.

- Coating Materials (first surface of the ground, and then painted).And here it is necessary to use such substances that are safe to humans and will not react to temperature changes.


operation of the device should be noted that steel panel radiators are relatively fragile and tenderness.Therefore, there are certain rules of operation that it is necessary to carry out, that the product was effective and worked as long as possible.So, follow these requirements:

1. Do not allow the devices presented something strike, especially during transportation.

2. Do not unpack the device is brought before you have finished painting the room.

3. Try not to drain fluid from the radiator.To do this, do not open the valves on the product.This will help you avoid the rapid corrosion of the metal.

4. The temperature of operation of the device must not fall below 0 degrees.

5. It should also cover the device, because of this it becomes less effective.The fact that in this case the air circulation deteriorates.

6. To wash the panels should not use abrasive sponges.It is best to use a soft cloth and detergent.Scouring powders can damage paint and promote rusting metal.

In principle, compliance with this manual will provide an opportunity not to worry about the integrity and safety of your heater.Naturally, further should read the instructions for use, which is available bundled with the unit.That's all the features of the steel panel radiators.Good luck!