The building is located the Archaeological Museum of Cuenca, the main attraction of the city

Many tourists visiting the Spanish town of Cuenca, can not pass the luxurious buildings, protected by two proud chimeras.The building is located the Archaeological Museum of Cuenca, the pride of the city.

History Archaeological Museum

Currently, the entire history of Cuenca is concentrated in this building.Archaeological Museum is located in the territory of the Garden of St. Philip Nerra.Beauty Garden hit.This combination of natural beauty and one that is created by human hands.Walking through the garden can also be a kind of excursions that will help you understand Spain.

museum was founded back in 1871.Then it was located in another building, which easily fits the whole little collection.The collection includes ethnographic exhibits objects found by archaeologists, works of arts and crafts and a collection that can interest numismatists.But it was not a small amount of time, and the collection began to grow rapidly.

Some of the exhibits could redeem Spain, others were found during excavations throughout the country, but a large number of exhibits and collections were donated by philanthropists.Once

Number of exhibits grew, it took the new building.And then it was suggested a beautiful building on Calle Serrano.The building is located the Archaeological Museum of Cuenca today.

Architecture Museum

First of all museum visitors admire two chimeras that it is important to sit on the sides of the wide staircase.Besides them, the building of the museum attracts Doric columns and elegantly decorated with balconies.All this emphasizes the neoclassical style in which the building is done.

Archaeological Museum of Cuenca is a huge rectangle with an area in front of him.In this area tourists like to take pictures.Often you can see the newlyweds.The museum courtyards are amazing with the luxury.

constantly growing exhibition area of ​​the museum.The building is located the Archaeological Museum of Cuenca - on three floors.But because of the constant increase in the number of exhibits that the creators of the museum wants to show tourists and residents of the city, more space is required.

Other attractions

Cuenca City of Cuenca is striking in its beauty.Tourists are invited to look at the Roman Catholic cathedral, which have now become not only a place of worship, but also architectural monuments.Much interest and "Hanging Houses".They are built on the edge of a cliff.And it seems that they are about to fall.Earlier in homes with such dizzying view from the window of the Spanish citizens lived, now they are brought to museums, restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and small galleries.View from the balcony of the house unforgettable.

Many tourists are attracted monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, from the top of which you can enjoy views of the city.This place is probably the most romantic in the city.This is where tourists and residents of Cuenca make a proposal to its second half.This is not surprising: this kind gives rise in the human heart only the best feelings.

admiring the beauty of the city, you can not go past the elegant building constructed in neoclassical style.After all, this building is located the Archaeological Museum of Cuenca.This is one of the main pride of not only the whole town but also of the country.It is impossible to know its history, if you do not visit the museum, which is able to tell the legends coming from the past centuries.