I wonder what the boys are different from girls?

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All children are different.It is hard to find in the world of two strangers to each other, but in the meantime similar baby.However, there are two large groups, which can be divided not only children, but also of all the people: a group of people, male and female.

sexual characteristics

So what distinguishes boys from girls?Even in the womb, doctors can share embryos by sex, distinguishing between male and female sex organs.By the same principle and kids identify themselves, depending on which sexual organs have available - "girly" or "malchukovye".


addition to the primary physiological characteristics are different than the boys from the girls yet?So, the girls hear high-frequency sounds better than the boys.But the boys soon realize where the sound, rather than the fair sex.Why is this happening?It's simple: the instincts survived from the days when men needed to hunt, and women are constantly hear where their children.For the same reason, women are much better developed peripheral vision to be able to keep track of their offspring.Men perfectly see only what is in front of them.Yet the differences between the boys from the girls?Girls begin to talk earlier, the guys are more reserved in speech.Again, everything goes from ancient times when women had to talk a lot to entertain their children, the men on the hunt conversations were simply not needed.


How are the boys from the girls?There is a huge difference in the psychological component.For example, girls are more obedient than boys.All this because the lady is much easier to adapt to new surroundings and the environment.However, boys were more willing to excel in their studies and new employment than girls.They need constant praise and approval.Following, again, history is worth noting that children are much more creative than the fair half.As for the work, the girls will delve into any kind of activity, it is the boys need more time.However, this does not affect the final result, a positive finish in typically reach both sexes simultaneously.An interesting fact is that the guys need a lot more space than the ladies.The girls had a very early age like nooks, dark place where you can settle in and build their nest is.Boys also need to be worn around the house, "marking territory" scattered toys.Finally unlike girls from the boys: the boys perceive the world vision, the girls are more susceptible to ear.Although there may be exceptions, which will be already individual.


very significant difference between boys and girls is their education.Girls grow more emotional, boys - restrained.Men should be the protectors, the girls - the keeper of the family hearth.Depending on this, girls and boys have their toys and their own entertainment, which copy the behavior of adults.And that puts the education of the latest and most important point in contrast to the boys from the girls in the community.