Amazing Ages

Life in the Middle Ages in Europe was full of wonderful traditions and nravami.Naprimer believed that washing and cleaning the body - it is a great sin, and is very harmful to health, the infection penetrates into the body through the clean pores of the body, and this can lead to smerti.KoroliQueen and washed two - three times in his life, at birth or coronation svadby.Mnogie rulers died of a way of life in the prime of life, from diseases such as scabies, lice, dysentery, purulent zabolevaniya.Vo France that would kill strongthe stench emanating from the body not of washed for years, have been invented with a persistent smell of perfume.In the Middle Ages, in the cities, in general everything was bad with cleanliness and gigienoy.Tualetov was not even in palaces relieved themselves where pridetsya.Fekalii and waste thrown out of the windows onto the street, which then turned into large pools of stinking stench and bacteria from whichextend to all citizens gorod.Srednyaya life expectancy was about 30 let.Von, dirt and disease carrying away thousands of lives - that is the true image of the medieval city.

Another surprising rule was in the Middle Ages - a healthy, clean, white teeth - considered a sign of low origin, bad teeth, exposed tooth decay talked about high proiskhozhdenii.Obladateli less healthy teeth tried to smile, not to give out their origin.

woman's life in the Middle Ages, even if it was of high birth, can not be called legkoy.V 14th century France turns into a trendsetter mody.V prime Baroque women wear dresses with a narrow waist, wide skirt with a corset, decorated with deep dekolte.Obilnoprecious stones, these dresses weighed 30 kilogramm.Modnaya hairstyle at the time called "Fontanges" was in vogue about 30 let.Predstavlyala it a high tower with a wire karkasom.Chto hairstyle would not spoil, ladies sleeping in a sitting polozhenii.V connectionit even had special short krovati.Esche one surprising attribute of ladies' toilet was "bloholovka" - a small piece of valuable fur, hanging on a gold tsepochke.On served as bait for fleas and lice.

life in castles, too, was not "sugar" .Bolshie poorly lit rooms, they was always cold, because they could not warm up no kamin.Teplo fire spread from just a few metrov.Bolshie closed canopy bed that retains heatthe bed, and served at least some - the protection nasekomyh.Tualety residential towers arranged in a separate building, which was built at the height of the walls of toilets zamka.Soderzhimoe arbitrarily exerted by the walls of the castle.