How to cope with jealousy - Tips for everyday

If love is the most mysterious sense, coming to us from nowhere and sometimes departing to nowhere, then jealousy have very specific position and the causes.And on the strength and passion of the manifestations of jealousy can sometimes outdo and deepest love experiences.

Psychologists divide this emotional state in categories: male jealousy, female jealousy, sibling rivalry.Each type - its origins and ways of solving problems.Combines the same general mechanism of their manifestations: suspicion of specific people or one person, the time of the outbreak, and psychological, as a result, anger, resentment, desire for revenge, anger and even hatred.And so it is worth considering how to cope with jealousy, the source of many problems and troubles.

reason for jealousy

Oddly enough, but the man can begin to be jealous of his woman without any intelligible reason.The reason can serve anything - "extra" Ten minutes, that girlfriend or wife said on the phone with his mother instead of running headlong

into the kitchen to warm up the dinner.An unexpected meeting his girlfriend with her ex-boyfriend or an old acquaintance, and their conversation in a warm, friendly colors.The lively atmosphere of "girly" get-togethers, with which it is returned in a cheerful mood, in which seldom happens to be near him.But you never know!The main thing - the feeling of possessiveness.The men and do not hide it.They - the owners of the nature, is passed on to them by their ancestors millions of years ago lived in caves, and strong club welcoming anyone who is approaching a dangerous distance to their home, or the extraction of women and children.The concept of "mine - do not touch!" Is so ingrained in their psychology that no lessons of good manners and civility can not eradicate it completely.Because no, no yes and lurks beneath the veneer of good manners among intelligent, educated, intelligent men wild, enraged Othello.

way, psychologists have paid attention to this detail: male jealousy and symptoms of its manifestations often depends on the mood.When a man is in a good mood, not hungry, slept, and so on, he calmly responds to many stimuli, from which in another state without hesitation would suit "mordobitie" alleged rival and "interrogation" hypothetical "izmenschitsa".

Do not forget that the psychological relationship in a pair, the microclimate can also trigger male jealousy.Reduction of attention or a cooling of emotions, sexual desire, the appearance of a woman's new interests and hobbies, work, career, or birth of a child - and that man is not feeling inheritance, neglected and forgotten, so ... Yeah, he gets jealous.And if he has low self-esteem, complexes and self-doubt, and even a small salary any "cons" (which he and the head and share), a more fertile ground for the scenes and scandals, it is difficult to find.

Some errors

How to cope with jealousy when she began to erode your relationship like rust destroys iron?Simple question, simple answer panacea-it does not exist, but the general method of treatment, of course, you can work out.Why treatment?Because jealousy - a kind of pathology, symptoms of mental instability of personality, excessive aggressiveness of great destructive power at which the breach is almost inevitable.But a widespread adoption of "jealous - means love" has long passed into the category of alogisms and remnants of the past.

so that we can advise the jealous and their halves?The disease is always easier to prevent.Therefore, if a man noticed for his manners Othello, think in advance how to deal with jealousy and loved to direct his emotions into its peaceful course.First of all, we must try not to provoke outbreaks, to extinguish them at the root, do not apply reason.Cultivating a man self-confidence and self-sufficiency.Exercise more and, most importantly, sincerity, respect for him, to consult with him and listen to his opinion.Generally, warmth and sincerity in relations More anywhere without disturbing anyone!

But a man has to work on yourself, because how to cope with jealousy - his problem if he shows this zeal.First of all, we should have more trust in the beloved.I understand that it is - not a thing but a living creature and the creature free.And if it is - to you, it's her free choice, to make a conscious, strong, true, designed for many years of a happy life together.