The capital of the Republic of Mari El.

Russia - a multinational country.How interesting and unusual fraught with each of its republic.One of the most unusual regions - the Republic of Mari-El.It is a tourist edge.Many who want to see the beautiful lakes of this region are sent here in the summer.Also it attracts residents of the capital of the Russian Mari El Yoshkar-Ola.

history Mari edge

name Mari El with the local language means Mari edge.Marie the natives area (from Mari - "her husband, a man").For a very long period of military edge was exposed to invasions from the East and Europe.For a long time there have dominion Tatar Khanate.During the reign of Ivan the Terrible Mari region was annexed to Russia.Border state of the republic can be seen throughout.Most people have not taken any of the world religions, neither Christianity nor Islam, and still pray to the pagan temple and perform the appropriate rituals.

From the 16th century the history of the republic is very closely linked with the life of Russia.However, like any other re

gion of the country, it has its own symbols: the flag, coat of arms and anthem of the Republic of Mari El.

Symbols region

flag of the Republic of Mari-El is a symbol of its unity.It is a three-color rectangular canvas.The upper band, which occupies a quarter of the width of the flag is azure color.Central band (half-width) - white.The lower part, which is comparable in size to the top, has a bright red color.On the left, near the shaft on white shows the Mari national ornament with the signature red-brown "Mari-El."The national flag of the Republic of Mari-El emblazoned on buildings, which houses the government, the president, on the buildings of the ministries, courts and local authorities.

On the heraldic shield of the republic element of national ornament symbolizes fertility and prosperity of the region.This pine and oak branches and ears, as if entwined ribbon of three colors (in accordance with the flag).The coat of arms adorns the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Mari-El.It represents the commitment of the country's population to agricultural labor, as well as the fertility of the land and wealth.

Hymn of the Republic of Mari-El sounds in three languages: Russian, Mari Mari and mountain meadows.Music by Yuri Yevdokimov.Lyricist - Panov, I. and D. Mountain Islam.As with any anthem, in this famed region, according to its merits, wealth, friendly and strong people living in the republic.

Government of the Republic of Mari-El

composition of the government of the republic is as follows: Prime Minister, his two deputies, ministers, heads of state committees.President of the Republic has the right to include in the government of his substitute.At the moment, the Government of the Republic of Mari-El is headed by Leonid Markelov.

government structure of this region is no different from that of other regions of the country.Also, the Ministry of the Republic of Mari-El oversee health care, culture and the press, education, finance, justice.Mari El - the edge of a very picturesque, its main source of income - the natural wealth.All these values ​​are in office at the Ministry of the Republic of Mari El on environmental safety.

Capital The capital of the Republic of Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, has a rich history.First the name - Tsarevokokshaisk (Tsarev city on Kokshaga River).It was founded in the late 16th century and was originally a military fortress.After they started to settle craftsmen and farmers whose main occupation is becoming agriculture.Until the 18th century the city was primarily military, is it not started to open industries.Orientation settlement has completely changed.At the same time the main entertainment for the residents became Alexander Elizabethan Fair and Yoshkar-Ola became one of the centers of the republic of merchants.Piazza and now is in Yoshkar-Ola, it performs the function of the historic center.

Currently, the city is well developed infrastructure.Yoshkar-Ola is not only the political center, but also cultural.Besides, it is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of the Volga region.

Attractions Yoshkar-Ola

capital of the Republic of Mari-El, as a cultural center, has a number of attractions.Tourists should be sure to visit the National Museum of T. Yevseyev, as well as the Museum of Fine Arts.Those who wish to learn more about life, manners, customs of the local population, as well as immerse themselves in the history of the city, is worth visiting the Museum of History of Yoshkar-Ola.Certainly, the special beauty of the city give the old buildings such as the Church of the Ascension (18th century), the House of Soviets (early 20th century).Old buildings contrast with modern shopping and office centers, and impressive look of the building, where the government and the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Mari-El.

Always worth a little drive out of town to see the stunning manor Sheremetev, in appearance resembling a castle.

The main advantage of the city - its natural beauty: woods, gardens and squares, where you can walk and enjoy the beauty of nature Mari.

Other cities

small city - that's the difference between the Republic of Mari-El.Volzhsk - one.This regional center with a population of about 61 thousand people.Volzhsky actively developing pulp industry.

another city - Zvenigovo.It is also built on the banks of the Volga.In the city of the forest industry and ship repair.

third city - Kozmodemyansk.Its population - almost 25 thousand people.The city has plants for the production of meat, sausages, a garment factory, a brick factory, a factory for the production of parts for gas stoves, computers.

Culture of the Republic and its capital

capital of the Republic of Mari-El and its other cities are home to many famous composers, artists, singers, dancers and poets.For example, wide fame received a dance group, called the Republic.The most famous Russian composer Ivan Palantay born in Yoshkar-Ola.With regard to the more well-known personalities in the example is the poet Nikolai Z's childhood which was held in one of the district centers of the republic.The nature of the

Special pride Mari land are its natural wealth, beautiful dense forests, deep clear lakes.The deepest lake is karst origin Zryv.Its depth in some places reaches 56 meters.Another lake formed on the site of the failure of the earth's crust - Sea eye.The history of this lake is shrouded in many legends and stories.The name is not accidental: when viewed from afar or from a bird's flight, in the form it resembles the human eye, and growing around the tall fir - thick eyelashes.

property not only the country, but the whole of Russia - is Tabashinskoe lake.Its depth reaches 55 meters.The lake water is clean, flowing, rich in minerals and is curative.In the depths of the lake inhabited by pike, carp, bream, burbot and roach.In the mid-70s of the 20th century is recognized as a natural monument lake.

Another extraordinary beauty of the lake - Tahir.At its center over time it formed island, which blossomed dense green grove.

special curative effect of the lake Shungaltan.Dirt and water source that contains a large amount of hydrogen sulfide.

Not only lake gaze of any person who is in the Mari region.It is also extremely clean river, for example, Ilene.In the summer it is possible to see a variety of birds that make their nests on its banks and hatching.The Ilen runs many springs, so the water in it is cold and clean.One of the streams is a mineral, it is called the Green Key.

tourists should certainly go to the national reserve and park "Mari Chodra."This is particularly protected places on whose territory proirastayut rare species of plants.Forests and grasslands are not affected by human intervention, and therefore particularly beautiful.

mores and customs of the local population

capital of the Republic of Mari-El and its other cities despite a developed industry, continue to maintain a local national color.It should be noted that in the conditions of modern Mari still maintain and cultivate their identity: they use the vernacular, on holidays sounds ethnic motives, can be seen dancing in folk costumes.The café serves national cuisine.The indigenous population of the republic friendly, able to appreciate the nature of life, to feel oneness with the world.

abundance of crops and endless natural wealth - that's what Russia can boast.The Republic of Mari-El is a unique part of this great country.There is no warm sea, but it is not a hindrance to spend an unforgettable holiday and enjoy the beauty of nature.