Pepper mushroom.

Pepper mushroom is a rare tubular macromycetes, which usually grows alone.However, there are also small groups.Pepper mushroom grows quite rare in the dry areas of open ground in coniferous and deciduous forests.It can be found from mid-summer to mid-autumn.


Do not confuse milk mushroom pepper (it is shown in the third photo) with pepper mushroom.They have nothing in common, and even belong to different genera.Pepper Mushroom and looks like greasers.It has a convex bonnet, which eventually flattened.Her skin is smooth and moist.After the rain it becomes sticky.Typically, the cap is colored reddish brown or yellowish-brown hue.

tubular layer has large pores.Its color is close to the shade of the cap, just a little bit darker.Leg thin at the base, rounded, solid inside.It can be curved or straight, reach a height of about 8 cm and a diameter of 1 cm. The surface of it the same color as the hat (sometimes can be a little lighter), matt, smooth.Mushroom pulp brittle and loose, painted in yellow color, without odor.However, it tastes very bitter, reminiscent of pepper.Precisely because of this it got its name.

Discussions about edibility

Oddly enough, but the subject of serious dispute has become relatively small pepper mushroom.Photos can be viewed in this article.Opinions fans of "quiet hunting" divided into diametrically opposite.Some pickers recognize the macromycetes inedible.Others argue that although he is little known, but the food is suitable not only in pickled and salted, but even in fresh or dried form.Some people use a mushroom pepper (dried), milled to a powder as a sharp seasoning for various dishes.

According to fans of the fungus, it is undervalued and inedible recognized due to bitter taste.Prolonged cooking gives you the opportunity to use it in food, although kind of taste completely remove all the same it is impossible.Often, even a well-prepared mushroom pepper gives the bitter food.Nevertheless, he a lot of fans.His exquisite taste many think, because gives the dish a spicy edge.

Expert opinion

Pepper mushroom is estimated ambiguous and scientists.Many experts say that it is completely safe.However, some scientists biochemists definitely rate it as poisonous.They argue that in the present macromycetes there are rare and highly toxic compounds that do not break down when heated.When eating this mushroom, they accumulate in the body.These compounds are gradually destroyed liver cells and provoke mutations in them.The outcome of these processes may be an oncology or cirrhosis.And their cause is very difficult to establish, as between the consumption of pepper fungus and disease can take years.Therefore, the disease is deducted on something else, and fungus and is "edible".The first sign of disease is heaviness and discomfort in the right upper quadrant.In view of the above recommendations can be only one.While experts are not clearly proven safety pepper mushroom, do not risk using it in food.