How to make a delicious crisp steamed rice in multivarka?

steamed rice in multivarka often prepare those who closely monitors not only for your figure, but also for health.After all, the side dishes, prepared in this manner contains a huge amount of nutrients.For those who do not know exactly how to do this dish, will present a step by step way to create it.

Delicious crisp steamed rice: recipe

This side dish is served to the goulash, sausages, meat.You can eat rice, and as a separate dish.To make it, you need to prepare in advance the following ingredients:

  • long grain rice peeled - 1.5 cups;
  • drinking water - at the discretion;
  • salt - to add to taste.

to quickly and deliciously cook steamed rice in multivarka, we also need the following equipment:

  • deep bowl;
  • large spoon;
  • faceted glass;
  • portioned plates;
  • fine sieve;
  • multivarka function steamers.

correct choice of cereals

Given that our main ingredient is rice, it should be given maximum attention.To properly select and further process, you must decide in advance what exactly you are going to cook from it.

In that case, if you decide to cook the usual porridge, you will need to purchase round grain rice.This choice is due to the fact that this kind of cereal contains a large amount of starch that during cooking makes it sticky and viscous.If you decide to cook crisp steamed rice in multivarka, then it is better to buy a long-grain product.Indeed, in the heat treatment process it absorbs a moderate water and does not stick together.

The processing of the main ingredient

young mistress often ask how to cook steamed rice in multivarka.Meanwhile, nothing complicated in the process there.The first product should be carefully treated.To do this, you want to iterate over the rump, remove the dark and other seeds, got there by accident.Next, put the rice in a sieve and rinse it well in cold or warm water several times, shifting hands.This procedure will remove the cereals from all the dirt and dust.After the water will be as transparent as possible, you can immediately use long-grain product for cooking light and healthy side dish.By the way, to reduce the time of heat treatment, some chefs have resorted to the following trick: they spread the washed rice in a bowl, fill it with cold water and kept there for about an hour.During this time, croup a little swollen, so much faster than steamed.

How to cook steamed rice?

Once the main ingredient is carefully processed and soaked, you can immediately start its preparation in multivarka.For this long-grain rice to be put into a special cup to create dishes for a couple, and then pour into the main tank 1-2 faceted glass of hot water and to establish the appropriate program for half an hour.After this time, it is recommended to try the rump.If it is a bit stiff, it should be stir well, dividing the seeds and put back in the same mode, but for 10-15 minutes.During this time, the rice should finally ready to become crumbly and soft.

feed properly garnish the table

As you can see, there is nothing difficult to prepare their own long-grain rice steamed in multivarka.After the device informs you that the program has been completed, and the dealer has become soft, it should be removed from the bowl, salt needed to flavor and put in portions of skeet.Before serving, garnish this to the table it is recommended to pour fragrant sauce and lay next to a piece of grilled meat or fish similarly steamed.Bon Appetit!

Useful tips housewives

If you do not have available the kitchen accessories such as multivarka, then cook crumbly side dish of rice and can be at the plate.But then cereal obtained less useful, since in the process of thermal treatment in water, some properties of the product still lose.

If you cook meatless dishes, it is recommended to make an additional zazharku of grated carrots and onions (in oil), and then connect it to the boiled barley and serve as a full meal.