Stove VAZ-2110: breakdown and troubleshooting

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To begin with let's understand with the structure of the stove.The main constituent element of the instrument - a heater.This item is a unit that is responsible for the preparation of the air entering the cabin through the pipelines.On the tenth family cars heater is located under the hood.Also heater VAZ-2110 is complete without a distributor that delivers the heated air into the interior of the car.It can be seen near the dashboard.Approximately so it looks externally:

Few people know, but the development of "ten" VAZ-2110 stove has not been borrowed from other models of cars, and developed from scratch.It is marked as a heater series "2110-01".Its main difference is the presence of the evaporator climate control.But despite the fact that the development engineers have paid great attention to the system, by its sudden breakdowns no one is immune.Below, methods for troubleshooting various problems.

first failure encountered motorists - it is impossible to adjust the temperature.In general, the reasons for this may be several.Firstly, there may be failures in the electronic control unit.Secondly, stove repair VAZ-2110 may be required due to a faulty valve.But be that as it may, to solve the problem is still needed.If broken heater controller, the command opening the damper can not reach the instrument, so to solve the problem, check the air temperature sensor for faults.It is situated near the ceiling lighting in the ceiling.To check its status, rotate the temperature control lever from the left to the right.In the case when the air starts to heat up only at the area (it is marked in red), you can say that it is time to replace the sensor.

The second case - the elimination of breakdowns in the heater (signs - the inability of the entire heating system).If the source of all problems is precisely the unit, you may need to replace the radiator stove VAZ-2110.To check the status of the system, it is necessary to remove the central air vents.To do this, fold the "antennae" attachment and slide the shutter arm.After the last item you can get to the source of faults.If the failure is confirmed, without replacing the radiator you can not do.And this is a very difficult process, because it understands the whole oven VAZ-2110.By the time it will take approximately one day, and perhaps even more (it depends on the experience of the owner).

The last fault that may occur in the operation of "tens" - is the inability to supply air fan.In simple words, this is a case where the stove vents of VAZ-2110 submits a small, barely noticeable air pressure.These signs indicate malfunction gearmotor.The diagnosis of one - a stove out of order.There is nothing to repair, only need to replace the broken part, that is, the geared motor.Only then the system will again be a good air pressure.