Right wheel - pros and cons

Just want to draw the reader's attention - this article was written two years ago, when I began to talk seriously about making those regulations, which hinders the sale of right-hand drive cars in Russia.But only made it impossible to import buses with right-hand drive, so the owners of right-hand drive cars exhaled with relief.

I was looking forward to, whether to ban right-hand drive in Russia.If that happened, then the Japanese would probably have altered the direction of movement in his country, in order not to lose this market ...

Noise, reliability, quality, comfort Japanese cars are better than in the cars of some manufacturers, this is notargue.

first and main argument - if the car right steering wheel - Emergency higher.Interestingly, while in England would agree with this statement?

course, for example, right-hand drive cars in the order of 100% of the total number of motor vehicles.For example, in Japan.They are more and more frequently so they are involved in an accident.

The second argument - a review of the oncoming lane when driving on the highway right-handed machines to worse.

I want to make a correction - not worse, but different.For example, when driving on a straight road with no turns really difficult to overtake the vehicle in front.When the road bends (such as roads in Russia is much more than roads without bends), a review can be made from the side of the road.I agree, uncomfortable, but get used to it.

Even taking into account the negative, I want to note the following items: but in serious accident on the slopes get left-handers cars and drivers.The paradox ?!No, just jump on overtaking, and power of the machine is not always enough to manage its timely completion.So maybe it is not the reason for the review?

third argument - optics made by Japanese roads.Well here already will not pass inspection, and if you do not alter the headlights to Russian roads, the ride very uncomfortable.

But it is not so serious disadvantages, such as the level of structural safety of some vehicles from other manufacturers.In whose interests, actually tried to cover the importation of right-hand drive cars.

Now I will write about the positive arguments, in my opinion, is quite significant.

first argument.When using a car with the right wheel and the road into oncoming traffic (reasons for leaving the opposite lane will not discuss) in the event of an accident the driver a chance to remain without serious injury is slightly higher than on cars with left-hand drive.I saw it myself, as in such accidents, even at a relatively low speed drivers breaking the wheel of his chest and his legs are injured on the dashboard.If the pop-up toward right-hand drive car, the result is the same - in the event of an accident the driver the chance to stay alive a little higher than the car with left-hand drive.

second argument.If you want to stop at the curb, in places that are not equipped with a special pocket - parked in the direction of travel on the right side of the road, in fact, once it is possible to open the driver's door and get out on the sidewalk, not passing a stream of cars as it has to do on the left-handers.On the left-handed the driver a chance to fly with the door.

third argument.Price right-hand drive car in the same class are somewhat lower than the price of the car with left-hand drive.

And change right-handed Japanese to Russian machine or European cars assembled in Russia is a personal matter ... Maybe I'm not a patriot, but as long as I have a relative freedom of choice ...

Although ... read the new technical regulations.VINdolzhen consist of 17 digits, and in Japan it is composed of 11 digits ...

conclusion drawn by me under technical regulations: Japanese cars do not have to ride on Russian roads due to non-compliance with the Russian technical regulations, not because they have the steering wheel on the right,but because they VIN SHORT !!!!