Winter tires Pirelli

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often before the driver, especially not very experienced, the question arises, what is the marking of the tires and how to read it.On the label located on the sides of the tire, indicated the criteria that the bus itself is classified and for which it is characterized.Among all the abundance of information about tires, you find first and foremost the name of the manufacturer, safety standards and certificates of conformity.There is the same for all manufacturers of the classification system.On the designated bus and the country in which the tire was produced.

have tires with directional tread pattern has a pattern that helps to understand the direction of rotation of the tire while driving, just to be taken into account when installing the tires on the car.

By labeling the bus driver determines the conditions in which the tire shows its best side: prednazanchena she driving at low temperatures, for off-road, on snow or wet surfaces.

Before buying new tires for cars useful to read reviews of experienced drivers and operating experience of tires.The manufacturer's website you can find useful information about products, detailed specifications and advice.For the Russian roads and the temperature characteristics, the Italian manufacturer of tires for cars, trucks, sport and agricultural transport Pirelli predalagaet number of winter tires that meet safety standards and maintenance.In great demand in Northern Italy in the mountains are winter tires Pirelli line ICE ZERO, provides a safe and excellent behavior on the icy pavement.Specialists of Pirelli invested a lot of effort into the development and testing of the tire is under conditions in which the tire will be used.The special structure of the tire provides a deep insight into the icy surface and excellent grip on ice.Due to the improved load distribution, mobility cleat significantly reduced, which increases its Persistence to wear.

One of the important characteristics of this series of tires is that its performance remains unchanged as when driving on snow-covered surfaces, wet snow and on icy roads.

to general security on the roads of the city and outside the city, it is important to follow some rules.We recommend checking the tire specialist a few times a year.Self can be seen deffekty such as damage, change the position of the bus, the collapse of the violations - toe, uneven wear of the projector, experts are testing the winter and studded tires before the winter season.

to verify and maintain the performance of the tires, please contact your nearest tire center - dealers.

Pirelli are changed and new technology to not be afraid puncture while driving.Technology

Run Flat helps to keep control of the vehicle even if the sudden loss of air pressure and the wheel, what happens when you puncture and continue to move for some time due to the technology Seal Inside.

interesting that Italy has not yet determined the exact specifications with respect to studded snow tires.Traffic Code prohibits, but in categorical terms, the use of these tires.Detected only seasonal record: from November to March is allowed to use studded tires.There were cases when action of some cities banned studded tires within their communities: that spikes cause damage to the road surface that has not been proved and causes much controversy.In any case, tires should be on all 4 wheels, and the vehicle must not exceed the speed of 120 highways.