What is the fog, and how it is formed?

summer fog near the river extraordinarily beautiful.Only in such moments you realize how good life!And so far the shore, closed haze, lyrical evoke memories and dreams.

However, even the most inveterate aesthetic not always find an answer to the question of what is and what is fog mechanism of its formation.If you also do not know this, we invite you to read our article.

must start with, this natural phenomenon is formed when the heated air for a day in contact with a cold surface water or soil.

So what is fog?It - condensation of water vapor in the form of tiny droplets (aerosols), which are gathered in one place, sometimes reducing visibility to zero.

noted that the formation of fog is impossible without a solid or liquid particles called condensation nuclei.It is the water which begins to precipitate, forming droplets.It goes without saying that the classical form mists of water only when the ambient temperature is below -20 degrees Celsius.Otherwise, they formed the shape of ice.

By the way, what is a mist of ice?In fact, their formation starts with the condensation of the same on the particles of the water in the air, but because of the low temperature droplet instantly transformed into a solid fraction.Given that the ratio of refraction of ice higher visibility in this case falls even more.

This will confirm all the drivers, who once worked in the Far North.In such conditions is extremely difficult to drive because even foglights almost no help.And glass obledenevaet a couple of minutes, so see the road is simply unrealistic.

Most often fog (the nature of which we reviewed) is formed in the autumn, as the air cools more slowly this time the water or the earth's surface.In the place of occurrence of the phenomenon of nature humidity of the air tends to 100%.

As we have said, the structure of the fog can be very different.Education can be provided only by water droplets, water and ice, and the ice crystals exclusively.

As you can see, the fog - a natural phenomenon multifaceted, and it is not surprising that there are several types of it:

  • solid type.Visibility is limited almost to zero, the movement of road transport and plane flights are suspended.
  • smoky species.Visibility drops medium danger at low speed low.
  • Ā«manure" - a fog spreads at ground level.

On the shores of Newfoundland, Canada with this natural phenomenon familiar to all residents.The fact is that in these parts is connected to the Gulf Stream Labrador Current, which is why there is a strong temperature difference.Six months is all shrouded in the dim haze, but because the pilots and sailors do not like this place.

But there is on this planet a place where the fog never seen.For example, it is the Indian city of Bombay.Well, the Chilean Atacama Desert have not seen in the last few hundreds (and even thousands) of years, even rainy, so this natural phenomenon there just nowhere to take.

So you know what a fog, and where it comes from.