Hunting carbine "Los": features and reviews

Carbine "Moose" is a lightweight rifle.The barrel of such weapons have shortened.The word "shotgun" could come from Arabic, Turkish or French.The first person who created it, is the master Tsolner Gaspar.Carbines are official, hunting, fighting or samooboronitelnymi.

Called shotgun "Moose" should understand a whole range of weapons for hunting.Such weapons are actively used in the middle of the twentieth century, the Soviet hunters.With him were the large and medium game in modern hunting is an instrument used so far.


This weapon was originally created for hunting, so taking into account all the needs, it turned out to produce a carbine, which combined a nearly perfect balance of price and quality.Affordable ensured the popularity of hunting in the environment, especially on the arms had liking for those who trades in hunting and lives it.

carbine "Los": reviews and features

According to user feedback, this gun well withstand the temperature drop, it works without any problems

in the range of fifty plus to minus fifty degrees.In fact, this device is designed on the basis of fighting the Soviet and Russian weapons.It was adapted for the professional commercial hunting.

shutter at the gun longitudinal sliding, he turns for locking the barrel channel.Features: carbine "Los" - rifles, semi-automatic, rifling are right-handed, and the channel chrome.

cartridges for the most common and popular modifications of the rifle cartridges used with 7.62.There are options designed for more powerful cartridges, they can be both foreign and Russian production.

cartridges are in store in the amount of five pieces.In the classical model carbine "Moose" is equipped neotemnym box magazine.He hides in the arms and modern variations rifles have detachable and convenience stores.The cartridges they are placed in a checkerboard pattern.


Carbine "Moose" opinions about sights collects the following: at the gun sight is open, its function and position make it possible to fire by installing additional optical sight.Also, the device allows you to sight to hit the target at a distance of five hundred meters.In the trunk of the front sight and rear sights are located, which are integral to the design of the device straps to run.Planck has markings containing numeric values ​​from one to five.These data are correlated with the provisions of one hundred to five hundred meters.If necessary, it is possible to set a specific position using dapper homutok.

carbine version available with a mechanical sight, the situation of up to three hundred meters.


Hunting carbine "Moose" has a special feature: through sophisticated design, you can adjust the force exerted on the trigger.Also, somewhat modified and the nature of the descent.

Gun box made of wood covered with lacquer.It can be used birch, beech, walnut or oak, and other types of wood.

History of

-quality hunting weapons has always enjoyed high demand in Russia.Technical innovations and improvements in the military industry stimulated the development of weapons for professional fishing professional hunting.

But in the early twentieth century, the hunters were forced to use outdated copies of these instruments did not correspond fully to the tasks do not fit the dimensions and other characteristics for quality of hunting.

example, Berdan rifle has the necessary reserve capacity cartridge that could destroy a large animal, falls among the Russian forests.Used bullet, 4.2 linear, satisfy the required parameters.But

rifle, being a monovalent, was clumsy, too heavy and exceed a comfortable length.Because it was impossible to shoot accurately and quickly, and it is important in terms of hunting.Trilinear Mosin weapons, more rifle, which is quite highly regarded at the time, was the rate of fire, but it is also not suitable for regular and professional use for commercial purposes.

These rifles were trying to alter, change and modify their dispensation, but the results are not satisfied with the engineers.Once the price starts to rise, and production becomes unprofitable.It was an attempt to develop a carbine and promote it in the mass of the Markevich VE It was a good specialist in the field of weapons.Markevich based his Mosin rifle cartridge and used 7.62, but his proposal was not successful, and a small, variations not found a weapon use.

Much later, in the late sixties, MN Blumpresented carbine, model which is called B-9.This weapon was to shoot special bullets caliber 9,3x64.Bullets were developed Blum.The rifle hit his power, but also could not get on the conveyor.


true forerunner of the rifle "Moose" was HK-8.2 - carbine, which was developed on the basis of guns Mosin.HK-8.2 has become the owner of the wafer chuck.It becomes a hindrance to the spread of a low velocity, but its design was the inspiration for the future of professional hunting weapons.

Izhmash began producing NK-8.2 in 1965.This modification was to chuck with high speed bullets.The rifle was intended for the caliber 9,3h66 millimeters, and then was converted into a more severe and powerful patron, created by Blum.The rifle, made by the caliber 9,3h53, became known as "Moose", or rather "Moose-9."

Hunting carbine "Los-7" has appeared a little later, he was accompanied by a bullet caliber 7,62h51A.In the early nineties saw the light modification, sharpened by western NATO cartridge 7,62h51M 308 Win.All linear, constitute a family of rifles "Moose" has gained immense popularity among hunters in Russia.Especially valuable parameters are reliability and precision at a relatively low cost.


rifle to hunt moose varies because of the different rounds.Also available, sharpened by the Western bullets. main existing version of "Elk»:

«Elk-1" - this kind produced since 1962 and was intended for the cartridge 9h53 millimeter.Let out weapons until 1976.

carbine "Los-4" - this type of instrument is made for cartridge 7,62h51 millimeter.Release lasted from 1977 until the early nineties.One of the most common types of carbine.

«Los-7" - it is a new version designed to gauge 7,62h51 millimeter.This cartridge is combined with the NATO standards.

Carbine "Moose 7-1" - repeats the previous model, but has a removable magazine, the start of production started in the nineties.

«Los-8" - designed by the power cartridge caliber 9,3x64 mm.

«Los-9-1" (KO-9-1) - this is also a modification of 9,3x64 mm.

«Los-9-2" - a model for the rifle cartridge 7,62h63 millimeter.

rifled carbine "Los-9-3» - new modification to the Western type of rifle cartridge 7h65 millimeters.


hunting carbine "Los" reviews the features of collecting the following: rifles used either in conjunction with ammunition rifle type which have the property of the heap hit that enables confident shooting from a distance of about three hundred meters, or a powerful cartridges that will stop the biggestand ferocious animal in the Russian forest.


Carbine "Moose" reviews the shortcomings collects the following: a detachable magazine can be of low quality, with plastic parts.Sometimes a store or a few drops coming off, which prevents hunters react to the fact that the supply of ammunition in the barrel over.

receiver channels are also poorly treated, sometimes seizing and harshness gate.

It is a fine-tuning can not cope with some owners.Serious difficulties - is promoting tight shutter, and especially when opening.This is due to poor quality and inadequate processing of kinematic duet "miter gate stem and impact projection."Also, there is low-quality or treatment of impaired geometry at the bottom of the bolt handle and copier receiver.When the valve handle is directed upwards, it creates tremendous stress on these components and their surfaces.Additionally, all exacerbated by poor handling defects trunk channel box.Of course, the lack of treatment frustrating and annoying fans of hunting, but given the low price, do not expect any ideal settings.

Professionals and amateurs recommended to deal with this type of trouble by thoroughly grinding and, of course, polishing.These impacts should be subject to all the contact parts and the surface of the shutter box and the trunk.To understand where there roughness must carefully examine the mechanism and the structure as a whole.Following the grinding, polishing and lubricating work when all the defects will be corrected, weapons hunter will appreciate this and will serve for many years.