How to choose a juicer for everyday use

Today, many people began to think seriously about the state of their health.In order that it has always been good, a person needs to receive daily with food a certain amount of vitamins and minerals.A great help in nutrition is the regular consumption of fresh juices.Therefore, the consumer gets a reasonable question about how to choose a juicer.

Unfortunately, hardly will find a unit that is suitable for all occasions (for vegetables, fruits, berries).Some manufacturers offer combo devices, but they are either prone to frequent breakdowns, or are extremely expensive.The best choice is to buy a separate appliance for each type of raw material.

How to choose a good juicer?

In principle juices all units are divided into centrifugal and screw (cold pressed).

How to choose a juicer that works on the principle of a centrifuge (centrifugal)?First of all it should be noted that the primary working part they mesh is equipped with knives.They can not be re-sharpened.Therefore it is necessary first of all to draw your attention to an entry-level professional equipment.It has greater resistance to wear and are designed to be prolonged and severe load (mesh will grow blunt knives significantly slower than for domestic models).The big advantage of this type of apparatus is that the preparation of raw materials does not take much time, and the output is a large amount of juice and quickly.

How to choose a juicer, juice on the principle of producing cold-pressed (screw)?There are units with a vertical (the best solution for "industrial" amounts of juice from fruit and vegetable crops) and horizontal loading (allowed to work not only with vegetables or fruit, and nuts, and a variety of cereals, getting oil cold pressed).If you plan to prepare baby food, you should pay attention to models with the ability to adjust the percentage of hits in the pulp of the finished product.To maximize the "utility" of juice is necessary to give priority to units producing fewer per minute speed (the same parameter determines the noise level).

are the following main types of centrifuges (the type used products) for fruit with stones (cherries, currants), for vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, etc.) And citrus.

How to choose a juicer for this parameter?

If you - a fan of citrus juice only, when buying the unit to pay attention to the size (compact would be a plus) and power (40 is enough).

If you're wondering how to choose a juicer for crops with an abundance of small seed, then your choice should fall on the auger model.When buying a machine for hard fruit note on the form of the screen and a method of removing waste materials.