How and when given the drug "anandin" cat?

medicament "anandin" for cats is recommended by veterinarians as an antiviral agent for the treatment of infections of varying severity.It is also effective in diseases associated with immunodeficiency an animal.This drug treats perfectly dermatropnye, pneumotropic, and pantropic neurotrophic disease.


drug "anandin" for cats is very effective when dealing with a large number of diseases, including his prescribed and mixed infections when the body is revealed not one but several pathogens.It has a direct effect on the pathogen is active at all stages of the disease, the body's immune activates and accelerates the healing process.

spectrum of the drug is very wide, it is also effective in diseases of bacterial origin, in pathological inflammatory processes.The drug greatly helps to strengthen the body's regenerative processes with a strong decrease in the immune defense.Very often the medication "anandin" for cats is indicated for the treatment of canine distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus

gastroenteritis and other viral diseases.He also rezultativen complications from internal systems and organs after an inflammatory disease.


means "anandin" cat comes in many forms.Depending on the disease is applied differently.Severe generalized infections it injected intramuscularly.Dosage as follows: 1 kg of body weight - 20 mg of the substance.Thrust is done once a day.The course of treatment is 3 to 6 days.This drug is used for preventive purposes.Naturally, the dosage will be less than three times."Anandin" - fast-acting drug.Immediately getting into the blood, it spreads throughout the body.The maximum effect is achieved after only half an hour.A substance derived from the body completely after 20 hours.

treatment of conjunctivitis in cats

eye drops for cats "anandin" appointed in inflammatory diseases, such as conjunctivitis.In the treatment of this disease to the animal twice a day for 3 drops Installs the lower eyelid.This drug is effective in rhinitis.It helps relieve inflammation in the sinuses and passage.To do this three times a day in the cat's nose digs 4 drops of medication.The course of treatment is 1-2 weeks.Apply agent should be discontinued only after a significant improvement in the health of your pet.

Treatment of ear inflammation

medicament "anandin" (drops) is used to treat ear infections.Before their drip, you need to clean the ears of the animal, remove all the scabs and crusts, only then Installed by 3 drops of the substance.In order to ensure maximum distribution of the drug, the cat is a gentle massage the ears.The drug is injected twice a day, the course of treatment - at least a week.If necessary reception drops extend to 14 days.This drug has no contraindications, side effects are also not identified.