Findings of World War II - historical value, entailing "black" archeologists

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century has served as the concentration of a huge variety of events, most of which are fundamentally influenced the course of history.The twentieth century was both joyous and sad, especially for our people: the February and October Revolution, the First and Second World Wars, the Great Patriotic War, the repression, the Iron Curtain, the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya, the collapse of the Soviet Union and many other events.Millions of lives claimed the last century of the second millennium.

What is it?

To each generation remember their origins and the events gone into oblivion, scientists, historians collect evidence for each significant event.The findings of the Second World War, which now and then is a world treasure hunters and archaeologists throughout Europe, - evidence of the terrible grief that befell the population of 62 countries of the world.According to official data, during the war killed 58 million people.On the territory of 40 countries of the excavations in order to find more evidence and find out as much information about that terrible time.

Military archeology

It should be noted that the military archeology - a separate type of search process of historical values.Present to the world the findings of the Second World War and did not pay for it health or, in some cases, life - two goals that go side by side.It is often during archaeological excavations emergencies when exploding shells found in the ground.Therefore it is very important to be well prepared for the expedition.Organized a group of rangers go on space warfare and with metal detectors trying to find any evidence occurred while events.

types of archaeologists."Black" trackers

Finds World War II - the subject of hunting large number of people, most of whom are attracted not their historical value and wealth that you can get, resold treasure.Along with the usual huge niche occupied by archaeologists and their so-called "black" colleagues.This category of people mostly interested in cemeteries and graves, and does not shun them profane.In 99% of cases they show interest in the German findings.Based on information obtained from reliable sources fraudulently, "black" trackers are weapons, ammunition, hygiene items, decorations and personal belongings.All such findings of the Second World War, a photo of which these people are spread on the Internet, go to the auction times for crazy money.About the found values ​​"black" archeologists do not report - the lack of permits for prospecting quick profit seekers threatened with imprisonment up to 6 years and a huge fine.Therefore, to catch such people is very difficult.

«Red", "white" and "gray" archaeologists

addition to "black", there are "white", "red" and "gray" trackers.The first category of people (of course, it is not a "black") is engaged in is not so much the search for historical values, as finding and reburial of soldiers who died in the hard times.These archaeologists collaborating with many organizations and museums around the world."Red" Pathfinders - a sort of enthusiasts.For them the most important thing - not the final result of the search, and the process itself.The last category of archaeologists is a mixture of "white" and "black" Pathfinders.In presenting his concept of good and evil, they own and implement it.They, like others, are also interested in the findings of the Second World War.2013 was a landmark in the military archeology.This time the attention of historians and the interested public was drawn to the Tver region.It was there, at Rzhev, were discovered 50 military bunkers.Pre-established that they are German.These findings of World War II opened the "black" trackers.So what will probably look after the looters, it is unlikely to become a museum piece.