Crossing the border with Ukraine.

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Ukraine - Russia friendly neighboring state.Today, crossing the border with Ukraine for the citizens of our country is not difficult.The only stop on the way from one country to another becomes a point of customs control.Citizens of Russia and CIS countries to travel to Ukraine passport and visa are required.

rules of crossing the border of Ukraine provides a list of banned import items into the country.These include: psychotropic and narcotic substances, weapons, including the cold, material that promotes racism, pornography, agricultural products, food products in excess of the norms of personal use.Large sums of money (10 thousand dollars) to be declared mandatory.Freely on the territory of the importing country: personal items (clothing, lingerie, jewelry, cosmetics, objects of everyday use), photographic, video cameras, personal computers, laptop computers, portable medical devices, mobile phones, equipment for sports, wheelchairs, strollers, drugs (no more than five pieces).If the total value of imported goods does not reach EUR 200 and the total weight is less than 50 kg, when the import tax will be charged.

Crossing the border with Ukraine on a personal vehicle presupposes the existence of the following documents for the car: a certificate of registration of the means of transport (banned from entering the country by car with number signs still Soviet times), valid driving license, a policy of compulsory insurance.For Russian citizens traveling on someone else's car, there are special rules for crossing the border with Ukraine.During the customs inspection, they should submit a power of attorney of the owner of the car to his driving with a note: "the right to cross the border."Really think only notarized power of attorney.In cases where the car belongs to a Russian organization should present a roadmap and traveling certificate.

Crossing the border with Ukraine to minors also requires specific documents.These include:

  • the birth certificate of each child with the presence of the insert of the Russian citizenship;
  • passport or passport of the child who has reached the age of 14;
  • passport or a passport of one of the child's parents.

If a child crosses the border of Ukraine with one parent, customs officers have the right to request a warrant for him from the other parent.Otherwise, at the border can be denied.If a child enters the territory of Ukraine, accompanied by people who are not his parents, you must have a power of attorney to him by one of the parents.The power of attorney must also be notarized.In this case, it is attached a copy of the main page of the passport of the principal.In that case, if one of the parents of the child is considered to be dead, missing, or for any reason deprived of parental rights, it must submit a document confirming this fact.For example, a death certificate.

Crossing the border with Ukraine by the citizens of the Russian Federation requires mandatory fill migration card, which is issued to all persons at the time of customs control.The migration card is stamped with the date of the arrival of a Russian citizen on the territory of Ukraine.This card is the basic document of a Russian citizen during his stay in the territory of a neighboring state.Migration card should always carry with them, it is impossible to lose.Repeated passing customs control at the time of leaving the country in the card is stamped on the road, then it is removed.Duration of the migration card is 90 days.If the stay of a citizen of the Russian Federation in Ukraine exceeds this period, it expires should contact the relevant authorities to extend the life of the card.The illegal presence on the territory of the state is fraught with adverse consequences (penalty, the inability to enter in the future).