Protecting workers' rights

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In the Russian Federation, every citizen is able to defend their rights by all means, which are not contrary to law.They are listed in the Labour Code.

Article 352 lists the following ways in which protection can be labor rights:

- self-protection;

- the protection of labor rights of workers trade unions;

- appeal to the court for protection;

- control and supervision of the state in order to comply with the legislation.

significant role in the protection of workers' trade unions have played.These associations are created specifically for that purpose.Protecting labor rights of workers unions carried out by observing the fact that employers do not violate labor laws.

There are these associations with their bodies (trade union committees), labor inspections and trusted employees on labor protection.

authorized trade union which subsequently will consider issues of safety, is chosen as a rule, at a general meeting of all employees of the organization.

But labor inspection are on the national level, as well as regional and territorial.

Protecting labor rights - the main purpose of such organizations as trade unions.Therefore the powers of labor inspectors allow them to freely visit those businesses that are workplace union members (and their form of ownership does not matter) to check whether there is observed legislation on labor standards that you meet the conditions of the previously signed agreements and treaties.

Labour inspectors, in whose interests the protection of labor rights of employees are authorized:

- to monitor compliance by the employer labor laws;

- independently to examine the conditions in which workers are employed, as well as the conditions to ensure their safety;

- participate in the proceedings of the accidents that have occurred in the workplace, and prof.diseases;

- receive information from managers on what conditions they set up in the organization for a full work;

- the mandate of the inspectors is to protect workers' rights, with respect to matters relating to the production of the harm caused to their health;

- to require employers to suspend work if they threaten the lives and health of employees;

- after the discovery of violations of labor laws require the employer to resolve them;

- check whether the employer complies with the obligations regarding the protection and conditions of employment provided for in the collective agreement or contract;

- go to the commission, as independent experts, during the inspection of means of production prior to introduction into service;

- participate in the proceedings of disputes which are connected with the fact that the employer has violated the rules and working conditions stipulated in the collective agreement;

- participate in the development of regulations and laws that include the establishment of labor law;

- participate in the development of legal acts and subordinate to the law relating to occupational safety and health, as well as to coordinate them in accordance with the manner determined by the Government of the Russian Federation;

- to demand from the relevant authorities that those who violate labor laws or hide occurred in the production of accidents are brought to justice.

carrying out the above authority, the labor inspectorate work closely with government agencies involved in the supervision and control of strict compliance with established labor law.

is the responsibility of every employer to create conditions for the trade unions could exist and act (including in the field of human labor).