The optimum size of the kitchen.

Through social studies, we can make a clear conclusion that the kitchen is for women the most important place in the house.And each of them seeks to equip it with the maximum comfort, sparing neither strength nor the time.Catching cooking, canning, or other things, they feel absolute mistresses of space.

Influence of sizes and designs kitchens

every second apartment kitchen is not only used for its intended purpose, it takes over the role of the guest rooms, which take guests, arrange celebrations, quiet family evenings.In order to meet the requirements of the situation room, you must first pay attention to the size of the kitchen.

apartments in luxury homes differ in a large area with a comfortable and well-designed layout, so any restrictions when you make a kitchen space does not exist.However, the real estate market such housing is quite expensive, and few can afford it.

most common and popular choices are mid-level apartment, they have a standard size kitchen 8 m2.This room is enough space to create a comfortable and functional space.

in old houses layout of rooms does not look the best way.They kitchen allotted little space, mainly 4 to 6 m2.Of course, this has rather limited dimensions.Currently, however, furniture manufacturers began to make a headset specifically for such premises.

Planning principles cuisine

Getting furnishing premises are kindly requested to consider all possible options.To do this, measure the kitchen and make a detailed drawing.Measurements must be perfectly accurate, permissible error - 5 mm.

After this paper planned location of all modules of kitchen units.

In order to avoid mistakes in the preparation of the project should be familiar with the main points and take them into account.

  • alignment appliances.Do not place the refrigerator next to the gas stove.Dishwashers and washing machines installed near the communications.
  • Ergonomics space.In the kitchen, there are several levels of availability, from the lowest to the highest.Depending on the frequency of use, all kitchen utensils and equipment is located at the most convenient height.The optimal level is the working area.
  • Security.Stove is set at a certain distance, which confirmed the safety of the window, a sink and entrance to the kitchen.Hood is mounted at a height of 70-80 cm from the hob.To avoid bruises and injuries wall cabinets hang so that their lower portion was at a distance of 45-50 cm from the tabletop.
  • alignment of modules of kitchen units.Given the size of the kitchen, you will need to calculate the space for opening the doors of the lower boxes.It should be enough in order not to feel constant discomfort.The upper cabinets feature at arm's length.The working surface is set no lower than 85 cm from the floor.

standard size kitchen

drawing up a design project, you will need to know the exact dimensions of the furniture, which will be in the room.Almost all factories operating in this area, provide a ready-made modular sets that have standard dimensions.

top row (the width of the facade is not included):

  • height - 50-90 cm;
  • depth - 30 cm;
  • width - 40-80 cm.

Bottom row:

  • thickness of the countertop - 3-5 cm depth - 60 cm (standard);
  • swing when you open the door - 40-50 cm;
  • cabinet width - 40-80 cm depth - 45 cm, height - 85 cm.

Kitchen to order - a luxury or a necessity?

Improper layout of the room, or the lack of space there is a need to order food on the individual sizes.They are compared with standard models are significantly different value.But this difference is justified, since the result is a practical, reliable, functional and trendy kitchen set.

In developing the individual project is taken into account many parameters:

  • planning;
  • size of the kitchen;
  • colors;
  • material for facades and the body;
  • fittings;
  • built-in appliances;
  • personal preferences of the customer.

placing an order, the company sends a special employee, which makes measurements of the room, given all communications.On the basis of this agreement is a pre-approved conditions.Only after these procedures drawn up a design project, which is provided to the customer for approval.

individual manufacturing headsets allow maximum use of every centimeter of functional kitchen space.The appearance of the room becomes unique and sophisticated features that can not be obtained by setting the standard model.

Benefits corner kitchen

Corner model harmonious look in small rooms to large.The layout and size of the kitchen can influence the shape of the headset.If necessary, it can be extended or square.Through this room is spacious and unloaded.

Furniture factory produced kitchen corner, ranging in size from 2 m and more in a variety of designs and colors.This allows them to perfectly fit into any stylistic interior.

two corner cabinet in the different capacity, so there is a lot of additional storage space for various kitchen utensils.

Bar table - date attribute of the modern interior, and an L-shaped suite will place its most organic.For owners of studio apartments that option is the best design, as it can be used to visually divide the space in the apartment area.

Original ideas

Companies working in the field of design services provide a wide range of design projects kitchen (see photo).Dimensions can be used both standard and customized.

Luxurious apartment. where all the space is saturated with luxury and wealth.The large size of these apartments allow you to apply the most original proposals.

House.For design kitchen space use mainly natural wood.Such a design course would make the room warm, natural and comfort.

Studio. vast and open space of the housing requires a special approach.To him reigned harmony, you must correct accents and use color contrasts.

Kitchen Khrushchev. These flats are limited in size, their arrangement sometimes becomes a real problem.However, do not be upset, furniture factories are developing projects of economy class, which perfectly fit into such a small space kitchen.

Using the advice of experienced professionals can easily create your personal and original kitchen space.