Dry water

Novek 1230 - powder (dry) water was discovered in 1968.For a while you forget about the discovery.Probably, considering that dry water is not needed.However, many scholars argue that this substance can help humanity to deal with global warming.

In the early 21st century, the study of dry water were resumed.The group of British scientists at Liverpool University to address the problems in the practical use of this discovery.

Dry Water whose composition includes a ninety-five percent of ordinary water, similar in appearance to sugar.Each droplet covers special shell of silicon dioxide.It is a compound of oxygen and silicon is considered to be the most stable.The shell of silica does not allow to flow and blend drops.The size of each drop of - not more than one micron.

During experiments it was found that the dry water has an excellent ability to absorb gases.Presumably, the substance can absorb gases that trigger the appearance of the greenhouse effect on the planet.This direction of the practical uses of the substance and examined Liverpool scientists.Under laboratory conditions, it was found that the dry water is able to absorb three times more carbon dioxide than a plain water for the same period of time.

substance can probably help to extract frozen methane, located at the bottom of the oceans.Opening of dry water can help collect and accumulate in large enough quantities, and other gases that are difficult to extract.Besides, the technology of production of the substance can be applied to other liquids.It also opens up promising opportunities for the development of many branches of science and technology.

At the same time British scientists have tried to prove that the use of such liquid forms may be relevant for transport and storage of potentially hazardous materials.For example, researchers have suggested that it is possible to obtain a new method for the storage of motor fuel for engines that run on hydrogen.

Dry water whose formula CF3CF2C (O) CF (CF3) 2 has two common properties with ordinary water.Both substances have neither taste nor smell.In plain water acts as an oxidizer oxygen.The oxidant in this matter is fluorine.

have a dry boiling point of water about fifty degrees, freezing - a hundred and eight degrees.However, even during the boiling process, the scientists say, if you omit the hands Novek 1230, the burn will be.The substance has a high density.

With no ability to conduct current, the dry water can be used in elektronebezopasnyh areas.The substance decomposes under the influence of ultraviolet light.In an open container dry water can be stored no more than five days.

substance widely used in fire fighting, especially in areas where concentrated quite a lot of electronics and high-voltage equipment.These facilities, for example, may include generating, server, power transformers and other.Extinguishing effect is thus achieved as a result of cooling and heat absorption of the active.

Powder does not affect water damaging the paper.It is in this context, archival rooms, museums try to install fire suppression system using Novek 1230. For example, this system is used in the Hermitage.

Powder water is harmless to humans.However, the researchers do not recommend drinking it.Partly boiling temperature will not allow the water to brew in powder or tea, no coffee.Sugar it also does not dissolve.

According to scientists, powdered water will soon be applied everywhere.