Spas apple, honey, nut - folk or Christian holidays?

In celebration of apple, honey and walnut intertwine Spasov Christian and folk traditions.On the one hand, these festivals of old crowns the harvest of various fruits and gifts of farming land.On the other hand, the Christian, each celebrated in honor of Christ the Savior - Jesus Christ.Can I lay between the traditions of the border?The question is rhetorical.But know that when honey and apple Saviour celebrated, is not difficult.

Honey enhance your health

Spas apple, honey, hazelnut.And yet, in the first place it would be necessary to put Honey Spas.It is celebrated the first of his celebration falls on August 14.At this time the bee hives filled with honey finish, and it is already possible to be holy in the church is.The people believed that honey, consecrated in day spas, to help cope with various diseases, it improves health.This honey is stored for a long time.And every morning on an empty stomach, it is important to eat a piece of bread with honey.If there was a quarrel in a family, it is necessary to make the tea, add a teaspoon of honey and drink the consecrated his entire family.

the day Honey Spas celebrates the memory of the martyrs Makkveev.Therefore, the second title of the first of the Saviour - poppy.In the church, except for honey and poppy holy still.And then all sorts of cakes baked with poppy seeds and honey.By the way, Honey Spas and start the most enjoyable post, on this day at the table served poppy cakes or pancakes.It is called a post in honor of the Assumption of Our Lady of the Assumption.It lasts until 28 August.

In addition, honey Christ in the church and the holy still water, as on this day in 988, Rus was baptized with water from the Dnieper, and the first for this reason Christ is also called the water or wet saved.

With Honey Spas in the nation begins to conduct summer and harvest.

Spas apple, honey, hazelnut ... The second date of Christ is in the first place.Why is that?Because it is considered to be more meaningful.Feast always falls on the 19th of August and is celebrated with the Transfiguration of the Lord - the phenomenon of the Divine greatness of Jesus Christ to his disciples: Peter, John and James.During their joint prayer, Jesus' face began to shine the light of heaven, and his clothes became white as snow.Then came the prophets Moses and Elijah.They talked with Jesus about its outcome, which will soon take place in Jerusalem.Jesus commanded his disciples to talk about what had happened until he shall rise again, as it was meant to be.

this day after the church service took place the consecration of fruit, mainly apples.Therefore, people called the feast of the Transfiguration Feast.It is believed that only after the Feast can pick apples, bake pies and making jam from apples.

second Saviour marks the beginning of autumn, and still holds some kind of border between the summer and autumn agricultural works.Villagers tried to Transfiguration prepare the land for sowing to post-holiday could sow the winter and begin to dig potatoes.

Walnut bread or

Spas apple, honey, hazelnut ... The latest in the list is always Spas nutty, because he says, after honey and apple - namely, on 29 August.

A third set in honor of Christ's Holy Face of Jesus Christ.According to legend, on a piece of fabric, which after washing Otero Christ imprinted his face.With this image was healed of leprosy Abgar, who reigned in the Syrian city of Edessa.Face this way for a long time kept in Edessa, but then was moved to Constantinople.This event is dedicated to holiday, it is also called Spas on canvas.He also has two names: the bread and nutty.Because at this time the nuts ripen and ends with the harvest of crops.In many villages and towns were carried out during the third Saviour Dozhinki and baked cakes from the grain of the new harvest.

in all Russian cities Spas honey, apple, nut 2013 celebrated fairs and exhibitions of the best varieties of honey, apples, nuts and a variety of other gifts of the land.Part of Russian culture are considered festivities organized in these holidays.Craftsmen and cooked goodies on these holidays are usually not considered.

Spas apple, honey, nut - three holidays, but at the same time during the Dormition Fast, beginning August 14 and ending on August 28.He even called Spasovka as starts during the honeymoon of the Saviour, the middle of it falls on the Feast, and ending - in the walnut Spas.But thanks to a variety of fruits and vegetables is considered the faithful light and ends with the holiday of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.