What is the danger fraught with winter roads

Considering the factor that weather conditions in the winter often change, it is necessary to talk about the rules of driving in this period of time.

be understood that the winter roads identified for a completely different attitude.The first thing to think about winter tires, a special washer fluid, as well as the health of the lighting equipment.If the driver does not use winter tires, the safety of his talk is simply meaningless.In addition, some experts believe that the spikes in some cases can only exacerbate the situation - for example, on the bare road.But in those areas where the road is particularly slippery, spikes very helpful.

Winter roads are not like reckless.Driving a car should be smooth and carefully, especially on icy areas.You should not abruptly yank the wheel and push hard on the pedals, this drift will only get stronger.You should know that in the winter do not have to step on the gas.With parking need to leave quietly and calmly.It is better to die several times while trying to pass a rut than because of the excessive haste to get into a bad situation.In addition, you can go off track vraskachku.Stop downhill, especially if the slide with her reverse does not work, it is not desirable.It is also worth understanding.

Due to the fact that the winter maintenance of roads is not always quality, happens quite a lot of accidents caused drifts.Please be aware that the brake pedal in such conditions could do more harm than help.Remember, it is best to slow down the engine.In the summer when the pedal car slows down immediately, then in the winter this factor may play a cruel joke - the car will stop a lot harder than in the summer.In addition, it is necessary to learn intermittent braking.In this case, the power of pedal changes gradually, intermittent movements.

dangers that pose a winter road may be found almost everywhere.But more often they appear on the corners.Do not get too much dispersed, if soon you will perform the maneuver.Otherwise, fit into the rotation simply does not happen.

Believe me, it is not necessary to go in the cold too quickly, because winter roads could surprise.Also, if you get into a skid, you must remember certain rules of behavior in a given situation.For example, in some cases, instead of the brake pedal should be strongly pressed on the gas.It is generally required if the car is front-wheel drive.I do not think that there is only a skid when driving at high speeds.It can also be quite easily by sharp pressing a gas pedal or reset.Once again, it is worth mentioning - everything should be done slowly and carefully.

On certain roads can improve their winter driving skill.For example, the road in Canada, with the onset of winter are even on the McKenzie River, which freezes.It is in these areas, motorists and test their skills.