Female names: Russian tradition

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In this world there are many different names.Certain variety of different names, and Russian, women in particular.However, parents are sometimes very long time can not find the right name for your baby.Sometimes it presented too many requirements, sometimes staggering widest range of proposed names.But everyone wants to name his daughter was sonorous and melodic, sonorous and quite soft, and also had an interesting value.

Names Russian women can iterate endlessly, but it should be remembered that the coarser and harder to pronounce the name, the more difficult will be the character of the girl.Experts say that tough maiden names in the future will form a persistent and strong character.At the same time it is believed that an agreeable and gentle nature will have the girls, whose names will be resonant and vowels.These women have names of Russian melodic and lilting sound that pleased the ear, as well as attracting the attention of others.

Most young parents want to choose a name for her daughter, which would be sufficiently important for their families.This can be a symbolic name for their kind or cause any positive associations.In this case, the names of Russian women are considered to be positive and preferred for the final selection.

also need to remember another important feature: the name must not only be harmonious in itself, but also integrate harmoniously with the ensemble of the surname and patronymic.Unfortunately, there are cases when it is very beautiful Russian women's names do not fit perfectly to the one nor the other.If there was a similar situation and the parents realized their mistake, the name can be changed, but it requires a lot of incredibly various documents.

Women Russian names, as the names of other people, have a meaning, which also has a significant impact on the further development of the way of life girl.In this regard, the choice of name must be approached very carefully.

Here are some of the most common Russian female names and their meanings:

  • Alexander - defender, courageous.
  • Anastasia - Resurrection, reborn.
  • Anna - a pretty, graceful, grateful.
  • Bell - beauty charmer.
  • Valeria - rich, solid, strong.
  • Vasilisa - regal, possessing power.
  • Faith - belief reverence.
  • Veronica - real, genuine, to win the upper hand, brave.
  • Victoria - winner victory.
  • Galina - serene, calm, peaceful.
  • Daria - strong, brave win.
  • Eve - live, real, true, soulful.
  • Eugene - noble, fair, courageous.
  • Catherine - immaculate, clean, heavenly, clear.
  • Elena (Alain) - shining, bright, brilliant.
  • Elizabeth - divine.
  • Inna - rough, sharp, lively.
  • Irina - peaceful.
  • Karina - anticipating, gazing forward.
  • Carolina - Queen.
  • Xenia (Oksana) - A foreign traveler, guest.
  • Lyudmila - friendly, nice people.
  • Marina - sea.
  • Maria - a sad, bitter.
  • Miroslav - education, fame.
  • Natalia - family, friends.
  • Olga - a saint.
  • Polina - a small, very significant.
  • Tatiana - she who arranges.
  • Julia - summer, sun.