Black swan - a bird noble

One of the most beautiful water birds on the planet is a black swan.Unlike their more familiar to our eyes, Dall's relatives, the birds are smaller, but they have the longest neck of all the representatives of these birds.But to fully appreciate their beauty, you can, if you see a black swan in flight - then visible contrasting white feathers in his wings, elegant lines and graceful body movements.

homeland these beauties is Australia.This closed the continent are numerous unique species of flora and fauna that have disappeared from the face of the rest of the world.Black Swan - one of them.At the moment, the bird and the native continent is on the brink of extinction in the wild.Meet him in the natural environment can also occasionally on the islands of New Zealand, but in captivity it is spread throughout the world as a normal inhabitant of the zoo and the city parks along with ducks, geese and mute swans.

Black Swan - Bird (photo is proof of that) noble and majestic!Involuntarily breathlessly admiring this handsome!By the way, it does not roam with the seasons, like other birds, preferring to remain in the same place, and no problem to live life (and she them is about 20 years) in its range.

If you look at photos, which depicted a young black swan, can be a bit disappointed.Chicks and young birds did not like the adult swans.They are covered with brownish down, and only upon reaching the age of five months are starting to like their handsome parents.Wingspan adult swan can reach 2 meters and weighs usually 4 to 8 kilograms.But despite the apparent slowness, this beauty takes off very quickly.Its beauty is considered to be uncontested among swans - beautiful dark plumage with a moire pattern, contrasting dark red beak curled feathers make it a truly fabulous appearance.

Unlike relatives mute swan, black swan is the loud voices of the trumpet, which is used to summon his flock.These birds are quite sociable, living communities and different non-controversial character.Perhaps for this reason, they have become the favorite park birds worldwide.And more recently, and you can meet them on the lawns of private property.Along with peacocks and guinea fowls, these beauties are the adornment of a private home.

The content they are unpretentious.It feeds mostly black swan plants.The long neck, it can extract their stems from deep water.In addition to food, the bird uses prey nesting in the organization - the nest of black swans made from the stems of aquatic plants.But in captivity it is wonderful eats corn, cabbage leaves and food intended for the goose.To keep the black swan in a private house does not need a separate pool.His need for water, he meets a good idea even if you have a conventional trough with water.In addition, they tolerate low temperatures, but because they can easily be kept in our climate in both summer and winter.