White peacocks - the more interesting of these birds?

Perhaps the most beautiful of all large birds on the earth - so many would describe the peacock, the bird, which is literally the brightest representative of the pheasant family.Few people know that there are about 200 species of birds, including those that have appeared as a result of different mutations.But the most distinguished white peacocks.

unique bird

Even without such a bright plumage as their famous colorful counterparts, they look really elegant.White peacocks stand out in many ways.You can start with the fact that, unlike many other completely white fauna, they are not albinos.They are, so to speak, the white by nature.And, accordingly, their eyes were not red, and that, too, a rarity, blue (males) and blue (females).Incomplete dominant gene that determines the white color is the key factor that must take into account people who are engaged in breeding of these birds.

It is true that the white peacock plumage is not so bright iridescent colors, and no famous "eye" at the end of the pen.Yet, fluffed tail and became like a giant dandelion, it is striking in its beauty.A beautiful crest adorning his head, completes the picture.Actually, what we used to call the peacock's tail, it is not.In fact it is the feathers, the length of which differ from all others.And their owners are the only males.Well, a real tail, hiding behind all this beauty, nothing special is no different.Interestingly, her beautiful peacock plumage shows only in the mating season to attract females, three or four of which he usually manages to charm.So from season to season it gives rise to a new polygamous family.But in the rest of the time to make the peacock pose in all its glory it is practically impossible.Its luxurious tail fluffed it only if his anger.

Living decoration

White peacocks as usual (if they can be called such), left a large footprint in the culture, literature, religion and art of the peoples of many countries.Iran and India are considered to be national symbols.Riding on this bird often depicted the Buddha.White peacocks whose photos often appear on brochures zoos and national parks in different parts of the world, is a fitting symbol, encouraged to visit these places.Although today peacocks generally do not act as a sacred bird in ancient times, their breeding and care for them for many people is a matter of life.Moreover, white peacock, along with other kinds of birds that do not require special care.Anyone who has ever bred ordinary chickens, can easily cope with this task.While keeping peacocks and chickens together is not recommended, as the latter can only be beaten to death.Even the peacocks stand that is fairly easy to adapt to different natural and weather conditions, is equally comfortable feel in hot countries, and in more severe northern.Not surprisingly, many captured in various parts of the world picture white peacock is a key character.