Most fat women of the XX century

Very few fattest women in the world weighed more than four hundred kilograms.In XX century, an incredible milestone surpassed American Carol Ann Yeager, Rosalie Bradford, Carol resident of Brazil and Haffner Dzhozelina da'Silva.These four cases of extreme obesity among the representatives of the women's class presented in the article.

in the history of medicine the name of Carol Yager (Jaeger) is on a par with the names of the heaviest people in the world.Moreover, an American, born in 1960, took the first position in the ranking of "most fat women."Her life was a period when the weight close to 727 (!) Kilograms.However, documentary evidence of this astronomical figure does not.The official sources appear 544 kg, that is, the body weight at the time of Carol her death in July 1994.Pathological obesity was caused by eating disorder that Carol Ann Yager suffered since childhood.Like other fattest woman in the world, Carol lost the ability to move independently.In its short life (she died of kidney failure at 34 years of age) was a period when the weight decreased by 236 kg.

world record belongs to the slimming American Rosalie Bradford, who was born in 1943. This lady pyshnoteloy destined to be twice in the book of records.The first record - the enormous weight (544 kg), the second - the loss of 416 kg fat.So effectively lose weight could not be any representative of the female population of the planet.The thickest, women often fall into despair from the inability to lead a full life, sometimes even resort to at least - are attempting to reduce their own lives.It was no exception and Rosalie Bradford, a 45-year-old reshivshayasya suicide.Meeting with Richard Simmons, a renowned expert in the field of weight loss, Rosalie gave a new chance, which she successfully used.Following the requirements of his guru, he was able to withstand the severe restrictions in the daily diet and throw more than four quintals of fat.Rosalie Bradford died at 63.

Generally, the thicker the women rarely live to adulthood.However, a resident of Hollywood Carol Haffner, vesivshey 464 kilograms, was measured out relatively long life for the excessive fat ladies.As long as it was possible, Carol was a regular visitor to the hall for a game of bingo.After reaching the maximum weight, it is making unsuccessful attempts to find a sponsor who would help complete the program of weight loss in Boston.The 59-year-old Carol died of heart failure.

Dzhozelina da'Silva - resident of Brazil, whose weight exceeded 400 kg (406).There are cases where women are very thick heavy procedures undertaken for promotional purposes.The prestigious institution to complete, aims to minimize the weight of the woman, and the results are used to attract new customers, Dzhozelina withstand the rigors of diet and three surgeries to remove the fatty tissue.He lost weight, but the left wall of the treatment center, quickly returned to their previous size.The cause of her death at age 37 was a bilateral pneumonia.