As a retaining wall with his hands fulfilled today?

On the site, a slope and quite intricate relief, often arranged retaining wall with their hands, allowing to create a special garden for growing different plants.Such designs on a flat area allows to designate a raised part of the garden, to visually divide it into separate functional areas.Thus unable to form a perfect environment for shrubs and trees in areas with shallow groundwater.When the wall is done with his own hands, in any case, a genuine relief to surround the garden.Quite possible to combine similar construction with a cap at home, having achieved magnificent aesthetic effect.Most

performed retaining wall with their hands, with a height of not more than one and a half meters.It belongs to the category of light structures, so it enjoys incredible popularity with novice gardeners.With the construction does not require huge financial costs - unlike the situation with capital terracing.Such structures can be made from almost any material at hand.However, lightweight construction is characterized by low bearing capacity, due primarily to the lack of high-quality foundation.

simplest retaining wall, built with his own hands, can be done fairly quickly, especially if it is a wooden structure.This option involves the use of flat logs with a diameter up to 200 mm.The lower part is treated with special antiseptic to protect the structure from decay.The logs driven into the ground next to each other.The minimum depth should be at least forty centimeters, which, in turn, will allow construction to carry the load.

Much less arranged retaining wall of stone, because it requires considerable effort and financial costs.In this case the need for a qualitative foundation that can withstand the weight of the material and the onslaught of the soil.First you have to prepare the trench, follow the contours of the structure.Next poured concrete, and after its solidification laid stones.A very important role is played by the way of masonry, has a direct impact on the strength of the entire structure.Experts recommend to abandon the option to form a cross-shaped joints.It is best to use the classic way that the joints overlap the central part of a certain number of stones.

also infrequently constructed retaining wall of concrete with their hands, which is a face or a multi-faceted design.This option requires a solid foundation in the form of a strip foundation.The structure may be integral or may consist of separate elements, so it is possible to organize interesting architectural delights.Concrete walls do not always possess the reinforcing frame, therefore to improve the strength characteristics of the seams is recommended to strengthen the metal wire.